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    From the album: 240Z Build

  2. Malonesx5


    From the album: 240Z Build

  3. Malonesx5


    From the album: 240Z Build

  4. Just flocked my dash. Made a headliner also. Mocking up the radiator fans tonight. http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/36666-20180103_111920jpg/ http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/36669-20180105_170037jpg/?browse=1
  5. It's been awhile since an update. Motor is running in the car. Working on wiring for gauges and lights right now. Still need to run the clutch line an install driveshaft to have it moveable on its own. Added more photos. http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/album/1744-240z-build/
  6. I have an ECU programed by Rs-enthalpy. It is tuned to run on E85. 1000cc top feed injectors. Going with a gt30 turbo on top mount headers. Ive already upgraded the head gasket and replaced the head bolts with ARP studs. The brakes are racing calipers from AP racing with Ferodo pads using a Wilwood master cylinder. The seats are Corbeau FX1 pro fixed back. Full roll cage and weld in camber plates. Also replaced all suspension bushings and installed rear camber bushings. Coilovers all round.The only 240z original parts are the windows. The car will be a street legal track car. thats why I am rebuilding the window regulators now. I bought a fiberglass 240z dashboard and have to cut it to clear the roll cage. I guess my goal is a car I can drive on the street or track with 400 hp.
  7. Added some recent photos to my gallery.
  8. Malonesx5

    20170515 074644

    From the album: 240Z Build

  9. Malonesx5

    20170515 074628

    From the album: 240Z Build

  10. Malonesx5

    20170515 074614

    From the album: 240Z Build

  11. Malonesx5

    IMG 20170508 175057

    From the album: 240Z Build

  12. Malonesx5

    IMG 20170506 131952

    From the album: 240Z Build

  13. Malonesx5

    IMG 20170425 085710

    From the album: 240Z Build

  14. Malonesx5

    IMG 20170418 185625

    From the album: 240Z Build

  15. Malonesx5

    20170512 125925

    From the album: 240Z Build

  16. Malonesx5

    20170512 125909

    From the album: 240Z Build

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