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  1. spicemechanic

    L28e na turbo part out

    Im looking for 82-83 turbo distributor with the encoder wheel inside, distributor mount and plate, oil pump, oil pump shaft all for turbo. I have paypal. If your sale falls through.
  2. spicemechanic

    Jatco 3n71b auto transmission

    WTF am I going to do with this thing? I pulled it out of my 78 280z. Is it worth anything to anyone?
  3. spicemechanic

    WTB 280z Fenders

    Thanks for the post. Looks like freight would be about 200$ for 1 so-Yeah, unless you wanted to let them go for cheap. My passengers side I think I may just patch the bottom. My Drivers side is in good condition but has been smashed in and the headlight cone just doesnt want to fit right.
  4. spicemechanic

    WTB 280z Fenders

    Im looking for both p&d side fenders for my 78 280z. Metal. thank you
  5. spicemechanic

    77 Turn signal problems

    I started by checking the continuity on the turn signal switch. On my 78 280z there was a bad connection in the hazard switch preventing things from working. Not sure if its the same on the 77 but might be worth checking. There were screws I took off on the switch and cleaned the contacts. It fixed my problems. I also replaced both the flashers just to eliminate those as a problem. They are cheap. Hope that helps.