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  1. Using advice from another forum, it appears the oil pump was installed incorrectly and my dizzy sequence was 180 degrees off. The car starts and idles but now I have to troubleshoot (or limp it to a good mechanic) the hesitation from idle to higher rpms.
  2. Thank you for the advice and the tips!
  3. I agree with you. I will go back out and verify again but this is where the compression test (finger over the 1 plug hole and a compression test guage) claims tdc is and I can see the cyclinder through the hole. Is there any reason why the crank pulley mark would be so far off the mark (if it is at tdc)?
  4. Edit - First, thank you for any replies and to anyone who read my original post. I am learning this with the FSM and two repair manuals. I used a second set of eyes to go out and triple-check that I hadn't made a bunch of mistakes. The first cylinder gets a compression reading on the gauge at about the 45 mark (if it existed). When bringing the pulley mark to zero with the help from my second eyes, I get a completely different and much less dramatic looking scenario. The timing mark on the chain is a V (sitting at 2) versus a shiny which I couldn't find before. This
  5. @Craig76z - thanks but the brown doesnt go with my eyes, lol. I (supposedly) have a set on their way to me. IF they dont show, I might take you up on that! @2Zowner - PM me and let me know what you want for these. Thanks!
  6. I appreciate you taking a look! You wouldnt have the two boots for the '78 afm in a decent condition would you?
  7. I could not find another one of these on ebay, CL, or the normal Z forums so I have no idea what the level of interest is? It's not in bad shape at all but the string that moves the needle needs to be replaced or resecured (I may do it just to see it functional). What do you all think?
  8. Thanks GraphiteZ! Guess Im going to have to start working on my "stash", lol.
  9. I need a pair of these. Does anyone have a set or has seen a set that can point me too? MSA, BD, and some others dont have them currently. Thanks all! Jay
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