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  1. BrandenZ You stated in the post above The only real trickery was re-wiring the factory Z harness for the LS starter. I am at that stage now, and could use some insight if you have a post or guidance. I have removed much of the unnecessary wiring in my body harness but am having trouble getting power to the components to generate the keyed ignition Power source the LS standalone harness .
  2. Not to jump into this thread and pull it from its origins...Has anyone pulled the old fuse box out in conjunction with an LS swap. I have my LS wiring ready to connect the ignition wiring. I gutted the original body harness to the necessities (lights, horn, etc). Then decided to go ahead and upgrade to the blue sea fuse box 12 circuit with positive and negative posts. The problem is configuring the old 5 positive wires to 14 negative switches. I can't seem to get any power to the switches. Any help would be appreciated.
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