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  1. Has anyone powder coated or painted the hatch or door locks? I am going to paint my chrome/stainless trim black on my 280z but didn't know about the locks, especially the hatch lock, given the fact that it pushes in. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the comments. I understand about having enough space so the tires don't bottom out. My question is how do you determine where to cut, when the tires hit the factory sheet metal before I can reach the bump stop.
  3. I saw these vents online, has anyone tried them? I saw that @psyber_0ptix had the very first prototype. Wondering if anyone else has tried them? https://trackspecmotorsports.com/datsun-240-280-z-hood-vent
  4. Thanks man, I appreciate it
  5. I am preparing to paint my 1976 280z. I am doing panel alignment and fitment while the body is still in primer so I can make adjustments if necessary. I am looking for some panel gap numbers from people to get an idea of the ranges. Even better if you have done your own panel fitment and adjustment. A maximum and minimum if possible for each spot. Looking for gap measurements on: Fender to hood Fender to door Door to quarter panel Hatch to body Thanks in advance
  6. Absolutely agree with the above. You shouldn't be spraying even Krylon without a respirator.
  7. Nice work. Any reason why you made the tube from the tension rod area to the firewall curved instead of straight?
  8. Thanks for the comments. I do have new wheels/tires for the car. As far as chassis stiffening, I do have the cage tied into the rear shock towers. I also have new box tubing frame rails, subframe connectors to the rear subframe, gussets to tie the rear subframe together better, tubing from the back of the tension control mounts to the firewall and tubing from the top of the fender horns back to the firewall. Unfortunately I don't have any room inside the engine compartment to add any other tubing to the strut towers. But this isn't a race car so I feel ok about it. I might add
  9. I was thinking about that but seems like it would be very difficult to get a good weld between the edge of 20ga sheet metal and a nut that is probably 6 times thicker.
  10. In the rear quarter panel, I should have specified.
  11. How are you accomplishing this with the inner fender in the way?
  12. I have done patch panels before. I could probably make it but not worth the time to me when I can just buy a panel that's already in the perfect shape. (I did already get a patch and welded it in) Also, not sure why anyone would attempt to make a patch without using any filler unless you're working on a DeLorean.
  13. Thanks for the comments. I am in the process of building it now. The drivetrain is done along with most of the body work. I got the car as a rolling shell and have never driven it. I just don't have the experience to know what stock parts can really benefit from upgrading. For example, I don't know if the stock moustache bar or stock front control arms are worth upgrading. Points taken on the front brakes. I'll definitely look to get something better. I am running 15" wheels so that is a consideration. I don't have a master cylinder picked out yet. I was looking at the
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