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  1. If the area in red in my picture had a passageway, then the wires running from the front to the back wouldn't need to be in the interior space of the cabin. It would just be a cleaner install, IMO. Your point of the wires still being in the footwell is a good point. I will be doing a complete rewire and won't be using the factory connectors. It looks like if the area in red was opened up, a passageway could be created. Maybe not though, I'm not sure what's in the way in that area. Thought I'd ask if someone has done it or at least knows what it looks like in there.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Has anyone ever opened this area up? It sure would be nice to not have wires in the cabin.
  3. I have a 1976 280z. When I got the car, there were no wires running from the front to the back for the taillights/etc. I believe that the factory wires run in between the body and wheel well on passenger side. But how do they get up to the firewall area? It looks like they would run perfectly in the channel of the inside rocker area, but I cannot fish anything through the area right at the base of the wheel well/door area. (See picture) How have others done this? Pictures would be really nice. Thanks in advance
  4. How much are the axles and what power level will they hold? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply. Anyone have any pics/info on mounting 3 point belts with a roll bar? Is mounting any parts of the seat belt to the roll bar make sense?
  6. In addition, does anyone know where 76 280z shoulder belt mounting points are supposed to be?
  7. Hello, I am in the process of putting a 6pt roll bar in my 76 280z. The main hoop is being welded directly over the existing seat belt pockets with kickers going down to the top of the rear shock towers. Door bars will be removable and not installed unless at the track. I will be using 3 point retractable seat belts for street driving and will bolt in a harness when I go to the track. I'm hoping others have info and/or pictures of how they may have mounted 3 point belts with a roll bar/cage. I found a few threads but most of the time pictures don't work anymore and was hoping others could chime in as well. Thanks
  8. Thanks, I hadn't seen that. Do we know if this will require transferring the existing ignition, turn signals, wipers, lights, etc from the factory column?
  9. I must have missed it, but how do I donate to the site?
  10. I am using the roll bar hoop dimensions that 74_5.0L_Z graciously posted and wanted to make sure that it would also work for a 280z as well.
  11. Does anyone know if this measurement is the same from 240z to 280z? I have 53.75" just above the middle circle. I'm assuming it is, but just wanted to double check. Thanks Joe
  12. Has anyone put in a universal tilt steering column? I am thinking of putting in a flaming river or ididit column to get the tilt functionality and also make rewiring a ton easier. Has anyone done this? I found a couple of threads but nothing concrete. Thanks
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