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  1. Thanks man. I had read that Nissan did use sealant from the factory, but it wasn't super clear. Also the sealant never hardens up, it remains soft, or at least it's supposed to.
  2. I'm installing a new gasket and windshield into my 280z. I've read conflicting information on using sealant or installing dry. I'm leaning towards using the sealant to ensure no leaks. This is the sealant I purchased: https://www.crlaurence.com/All-Products/Automotive-Windows-%26-Supplies/Automotive-Glass-Supplies/Glazing-Adhesives/Epoxies%2C-Sealers%2C-Urethanes%2C-%26-Adhesives/CRL-Black-Windshield-and-Body-Sealant/p/CRL7708 What's the best way to install with sealant? If I install into the pinch weld groove on the gasket, I'm afraid it will be extremely messy when the rope is coming out of the groove during install. I also wonder how the lube (soapy water or Windex) will affect it. If I apply it to the pinch weld, I'm worried that it will smear all over the gasket flap when the rope pulls it over the pinch weld. Maybe the best method is to install dry and backfill sealant under the gasket flap where it meets the body? I've gone to great lengths to get the car extremely nice and don't want to have a disaster on my hands during the install. Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. Which snaps did you use for the carpet side ebrake ? And how did they attach? I'm needing to do the same thing soon.
  4. I will definitely check, I had just figured this must have come up before for someone and they figured it out
  5. This is not my car. The extreme widebody isn't my cup of tea but pretty badass build and engineering. https://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-swaps/1970336-datsun-260z-ss-all-wheel-drive-build.html
  6. I am putting carpet in my 280z. It never had any when I bought it. The brake boot has snaps that apparently attach to the carpet. My carpet doesn't have any and need to add some. I would like to buy some snaps that will work with the brake boot snaps. Preferably ones that rivet in. Has anyone identified any? Thanks
  7. Thanks man. It was actually cheaper to buy a whole new MC, which is ridiculous
  8. Wanted the clevis and pin for 280z clutch. This is the part that threads onto the master cylinder rod and attaches to the clutch pedal. I believe that the brake and clutch clevises are the same, but not 100% . Let me know if you have one
  9. I don't believe you can have the damper behind the steering rack. I have a Corvette damper which is the tightest to the block and mine sits directly over the rack. This is with the engine as tight to the firewall as I was willing to go. Clearance to the hood is fairly good. I don't think you'll have a problem there.
  10. You didn't even remove the side mirrors, door handles or locks? Yikes
  11. I need one of these bushings. Has anyone found a source or perhaps made a CAD file for 3D printing?
  12. Is anyone selling these or does anyone have the CAD file? Zcardepot has been out of stock for months
  13. I ran wires through as well. I'm pleased with it
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