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  1. Hi guys. I'm a dentist and use 3D printing tech at my office all the time. I wanted to share a couple times I've used it while redoing the interior of my 70 240. I have a dash done by Carbon Signal and wanted a way to clean up the gauge mounts. I did a full mount delete and took my new defi gauges and made threaded housings that allow me to secure them with a corresponding "nut." The second thing I did was redesign my AC vents. I still need to attach some sort of knurled knob in the center as a grab point. I don't have a picture of the final vent printed but here is a pic of the cad design. IMG_3377.HEIC IMG_3377.HEIC IMG_3046.HEIC IMG_3041.HEIC
  2. No. They typically sell the CF center piece with the original cutouts for the original climate control and radio switches, etc. I had them make a custom single din cutout as high up as possible with the constricting width. I had to make all my own mounting bracketry to fit the deck into the dash.
  3. Really trying to figure out how to make the glovebox work. the dash kit comes with a door, but no hinges or way to attach. Won't work with stock hinge without heavy modification. I'm in the process of trying to make everything fit, still work and integrate it all with the skilled dash upgrade. Not easy. lots of cutting.
  4. I'll start a thread one of these days. Info on it is 1970 240z. Arizona car with very little rust. RB26 from R33 swap. OS Giken clutch. Probably a CD009 transmission and R200 w LSD) combination of ApexEngineered and TechnoToyTuning for suspension. Full Moonbeam kit. Seibon CF Hood. Speedhut Speedo and Tach. Defi gauges for the rest. Alpine Halo 9. I'm into 3D printing so i'm designing a bunch of parts that button things up nicely.
  5. Quality is good but for the price I would expect to have less fitting to do. It’s beautiful though. The seats are Braum racing seats.
  6. I removed the climate controls in the center and replaced it with a single din opening and 3 gauge setup below. The headunit is a Alpine Halo 9. I'm so used to CarPlay that I can't live without it. The dash in FRP covered in Alcantar and leather was 1250. The center piece that deletes the climate controls in bare carbon was $400 or so. Total was $2k shipped from UAE.
  7. Carbon Signal makes them but be prepared to pay for the quality. Mine is composite because I wanted it covered with alcantara. But you can do wet or dry carbon.
  8. I removed basically all the climate control from the center and custom fitted an Alpine Halo 9. Can't live without CarPlay.
  9. Are you interested in shipping this to Arizona? If so, I may be interested.
  10. I"m also interested in CF w Speakers. Still available?
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