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  1. As I am looking to upgrade my radio in the '76 Z car, I would like to take a look at what you all did for a radio. Ideally, I would like to get an OEM radio (subtle plug if you have one) and upgrade the speakers, or go as far as a small 3" boat radio option in the dash. Regardless, post up what you have for both head units and speakers!!
  2. Glue in type. They made my doors push out more than I liked. Honestly, if you want them, shoot me money for shipping and I will send them your way. Maybe you could use them. send me a pm if you are interested.
  3. Thank you! Great looking project! Also, I have Z car source Black Headliner and 280Z Door Seals I wanna sell on the cheap. Why cant I post there?
  4. Got a few mods in store coming up in the next couple weeks / Months and looking for recommendations on the following: -Air Cups (Brand?) -Battery Relocation (Where have you installed it?) -Brake things (Solid rear & front setup thats cost effective) -Interior Trims (Stitched rear and center fabrics) -Spot Mirror (Driver side / what brand & style?)
  5. If you are interested in selling that, please send me a pm.
  6. Interested in console and rear black interior parts.
  7. Hello, I am looking for the following parts: -Silvermine 300ZX CV Axle adapters -300ZX Turbo CV Axles -280z Dome Light -Blinker Stalk -'76 280z Center Console, black, in good condition -'76 280z Rear interior panels, black, in good condition
  8. Got the car back from paint. Installed the engine and a couple other things.
  9. Got the 1 5/8” headers coated, swapped in a set of mikunis in place of the Weber’s. Got the test stand mostly sorted and about ready to fire the engine.
  10. Been a while. I had to pull the car from the painter / body guy. Car turned out really bad. Like embarrassingly bad and even got scammed 2k in the process. Anyways, got the car back along with all of the parts and had my good friend Chumpot take care of all the glass work. Recently dropped it at the painter, west coast jones, in Rancho. Oh, and started building an engine test stand.
  11. Little update to the build. Its at paint (RM_Collision on IG) currently getting the 904 Kilimanjaro White. Should look pretty neat with the flares and wheels. On a side note, anyone have any recommendations on where to get a windshield?
  12. Hello, I am looking for the following parts: Steering column cover assembly Ignition / Key assembly Door / Hatch w/ key assembly '
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