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  1. Just did this in my 72 this morning. There were 4 total. 2 top, and 2 bottom and all had the retainer clamp screwed down on the housings.
  2. Thanks Aydin. Unfortunately the video didn't come through. I'll take your advice and continue to try and source OEM, but hold this in my back pocket if I'm unable. I have some time, so fingers crossed.
  3. Good to know and thanks! I'm going to have to pull the interior for floors and wiring (squirrel nest in the glovebox), as well as pull the motor for rebuild/swap, so the car will be stripped down. Any info/advice you could give on your setup would be great.
  4. Hey Y'all, I'm having a hard time sourcing pedals for an AT to MT swap in my 72 240Z. I understand that the pedals should fit in the box that I have, but I just can't seem to find some. Have any of you used an aftermarket setup (i.e. Wilwood) and if so how did it go? Thanks!
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