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  1. Yes as a daily driver, I'm worried about going with a stiffer suspension and/or lowering the ride height. I'm in Tucson, and you basically need a 4x4 just to navigate these cracked and pot holed roads. If there is a suspension mod that gives similar to oem ride but actual enhanced performance, I would be interested. The full suspension is rebuilt with urethane bushings, but the shocks and springs are the same. I suppose I could save the money for wheels/tires. I was hoping there was SOMETHING I could do for power in that price range. I love handling, but with all of the fr
  2. So considering the fact that I just rebuilt the bottom end, I was considering doing the top end as well. A head port/polish job won't net any decent gains on the factory ecu? From what I understand, a head job might be around $400-500.
  3. Hello all, I've had a 77 280z for a few months now. It's got a 75 L28e motor with the non exhaust lined head. Since then, I've converted it from automatic to 5 speed, 3.9 R200, decent paint job, etc. My friend and I were getting the car ready for a long trip (1500 miles) doing routine maintenance when we heard what sounded like rod knock. Well, a 2 hour basic maintenance trip turned into a 10:30AM to 5:30AM bottom end rebuild. This was 3 days before my 1500 mile trip. Regardless, the car made it with no issues!! Essentially, everything has been touched in this car except for th
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