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  1. selash

    headers for 5.0 swap

    Has anyone tried tri-y headers? They take up much less room as they sweep back. I have a pair on a 62 Jaguar MK2 with a 331 in it and they slip right in. I believe my MK2 is far more space restrictive than the z. I will try them when I get the engine in. Worst case I would have to modify the steering linkage a bit. This is not usually that hard to do. Perhaps they would drop down too low? We will see.
  2. Has anyone done a 5.0L conversion using the ford AOD transmission? I have the Lane Family mounting system that is intended for the 3550 five speed. Just want a nice mild 302 with auto to cruise. If you have done the AOD, did you have to modify the trans tunnel? Any other thoughts on it? Looking forward to getting my 73 240z project going full swing this fall. Thanks!!!!!