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  1. Here's a little better markup. I am asking for the length of the yellow lines I've drawn in.
  2. Thanks 72240Z. Yes, jhm, you got it, looking for the length of the yellow line. To everyone else, i just scribbled this quickly on my phone while in a doctors waiting room. And yes, I'm working on an LED insert.
  3. Does anyone have a 240z taillight handy to grab me some measurements? I would really appreciate someone getting out their tape measure for a minute. My car and parts aren't nearby or available on short notice right now. I need general width and height of both color sections (not reverse light). Ideally, just inside the upper inside end around the curve and vertical to the middle horizontal, as crudely scribbled in my attached drawing (in yellow). I'm sure you can see where this is going... Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Rick, thanks for the info. I have 17x9.5 and 12.5, already have 315's and planning on 275 fronts. With my mustang offset front brakes and wheels it should end up close to yours ... Just thinking out loud, keep up the good work!
  5. Rick, I've just found your work on your Z body. I had a question -What size wheels/tires are you working with? I really like what you're doing.
  6. nrS30, Did you also end up with the mould for the headlight cover?
  7. Vote for HybridZ most useful humanitarian post of the year!
  8. Good work, a lot of excellent info here . I'm excited to see where you take this. The Merc V12 is a little used motor (in any car) you seem to be working out a lot of the kinks.
  9. tide75,any thoughts on weight differences after handling the removal and air strut install?
  10. While we have this ancient thread bumped... The head cross sections are awesome to study and compare. I missed this one way back in '03. I would like to mention something to correct a misconception for anyone else reading this thread in the future. Maybe I'm being pedantic, but the O.P. completely neglected including (subtracting) the diameter of the valve stem from the valve seat throat. The effective diameter ends up being around 1.391" versus the 1.525" mentioned, assuming a 5/16" stem. So, it's not a huge mismatch between intake port and seat at all. Sixteen thousandths, not fifteen hundredths. That number is an over simplification, but a decent ballpark. Back to our regular scheduled programming...
  11. If you look a little further down the page, there are actual pics of the real car, it looks like flat black or grey. Not sure if this car is the blue Z revamped, or if that was just to show an example of a powerful Toyota L6 swap?
  12. They're downdraft, aren't they?
  13. Any chance you could scan or take a better pic so that everything in the ad is legible? I put one of those on my green 73 that I got BNIB with a parts car.
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