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  1. Any other comments? Really tempted to pick up a pair of 15x10s on my local craigslist.
  2. I have heard S130s can fit bigger wheels compared to S30s. So if it fits your s30 rear fenders then that's a good sign. However you do have a body kit. Did you ever fit them before putting on the kit?
  3. Basically title. Yes I have been researching but not with all of those 3 specs matching. Just want to get a more definite answer. My 280zx is all stock on suspension as far as I know. I may get new struts since I am sure they are shot due to the squats I get from acceleration. Thanks in advance
  4. Jack responded and said someone forwarded him the link earlier today. He is happy to see it in good condition still.
  5. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/5572241021.html Popped up on local craigslist. I have tried emailing them multiple times with no response. Because of the lack of responses, I have tried to contact Jack Atkinson. He is the creator of the Prima Donna Zs. Anyone know how to get to him? I emailed him at yojack1@aol.com Let's see if he would like his beautiful car back!
  6. Thinking of getting 14-16 inch wheels + decent tires for my 280zx. Must be local (Bay Area, California) and willing to drive to you. Please post pics and your price. Thank you
  7. If I was in your area I would buy them for $60-100 for all 4 depending on condition. With decent tires maybe ~$200
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