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  1. I used 2x3 and did perimeter frame, welded it to the rocker then did 90 over to frame rails in the front. Gonna weld a tube from that 90 up up to the strut tower and another to the back of the strut rod bracket (cut the lower part of the frame rail off) and another back at an angle back to the frame rail. The floors were gone and had to come out anyway and I am planing on cutting out the outer rocker and fitting 2.5" exhaust into the recess for the side pipe look that isn't hanging off the car. The jegster hoop sits perfect on the rails and runs back to the rear strut towers and down to the
  2. Ya seems like you could use some tubing some heims and a few tabs and make a link that attaches to the strut tube and to the body and bam upper link. Would hold the suspension in if the strut broke also.
  3. Great idea. Should help strengthen the case too
  4. They make stroker kits for them that are real reasonable. Up to 3 liters, made for the roundy round guys. Also look in the the Eslinger ARCA and the Eslinger hipo aluminum cylinder heads. These engines will make 1000hp with a stock block and a good head.
  5. So do a 8 point and keep it under 10.00 is gonna be my best bet? I don't wanna ruin the drivability of the car by having to wear a helmet to drive the sucker. Will keep the car cheaper in the long run I guess.
  6. I am looking into putting a jegs 10point in my 280. I am in the process of doing floor pans and make custom seat mounts for some Corbeau Forza seats so I can get them low. My question is how much room is there in these cars with a halo bar? Will I be able to drive the thing on the street without a helmet? I am putting a turbo SBF in it and will need a cage to take it to the track.
  7. I am doing floor boards in my 280 and I had to cut up into the rail on the front. I was looking at building rails out of 2x4 tubing, but I noticed the Bad Dog rails and they look nice and will slide up around the stock rails in the front/make it easier. I see the 240 has a front and rear rail that attaches the front to the rear subframe and the 280 rails seem to not to do that atleast in the pics? Could I use the 240 rails in my 280? It is gonna have a SBF and a turbo so I would like to attach the subframes.
  8. When I bought my 280 the previous owner gave me the stock 14" wheels and I am wondering if they are worth anything or if I should scrap them for the aluminum?
  9. I have a 75 280z fuel tank wondering what its worth. Inside is clean and the outside has been painted with POR. Almost looks brand new.
  10. Even with a fresh rebuild the trans is worthless? I kinda figured I would sell it all or 1k, so i guess I was close.
  11. I am thinking about pulling the engine and trans out of my 75 and I am wondering what it is all worth. 75 L28 with new 280zx alt/water pump/starter/fuel hoses/new header. In really good shape not a bunch of oil all over everything and runs good. All electronics 3 PCM's/ 2 Mafs/ wiring harness/ everything it needs to run. Custom built tight fiting mandrel bent exhaust with a Greedy Muffler 75 4 speed recently rebuilt with a new clutch Whats it worth as a package?
  12. Would the swap be eaiser if you faced the headers forward and turbo'd the VH? I have a vh45 and a 5.0/t5 sitting here and trying to decide which engine to use. I love the idea of the VH and keeping it Nissan, but if its that much of a pain in the ass I'll buy the kit for 400 bucks and bolt my 5.0 in there.
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