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  1. Sorry, I`m trying to wire a 280zxt optical distributor
  2. Looking at the bottom of the distributor with the socket at the top, there are four male spade connectors numbered 1) top left 2)top right 3) bottom left and 4)bottom right. There are four wires to be connected to these spade connectors, 12V+, Ground, Trigger 1, and Trigger 2. Which wires are connected to which pins I`ll check cgsheen to see if he shows this connection. I noticed that a lot of pictures that were hosted by photobucket are no longer visable.
  3. I have the same problem in that I can`t identify the wiring of the plug. Do you have a drawing of the bottom of the distributor that shows what wires go to what terminals
  4. I would appreciate any information on the wiring of the Wolf V500 Dash. I have acquired a 280Z from a HybridZ member but the car has been off the road for some time and some of the wiring has been damaged. I`ve sorted out most of the V500 wiring but I can`t seem to get the Dash to work. (hell, I don`t even know what voltage it is). Any assistance would be appreciated.
  5. Has anyone on this forum installed a Wolfe V500 with the Dash accessory? I have purchased a 280Z that is set up with a Wolfe V200 computer. I have figured out the wiring for the V500 but I have no idea what the wiring is for the Dash connector. I would also really like a manual for the Dash if there ever was one Thanks in advance fro help you can render.
  6. I' m interested in the DR's.
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