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  1. I just decided to live with the play for now. I'm going to upgrade to the Giken LSD at some point and see if that helps.
  2. Here are some pics. I'm no diff expert either but those do seem like clutch plates stacked up if you look at the closeup in the first pic. Also I apologize I misspoke about the direction the stub shafts spin. They don't spin in opposite directions, I just meant I was rotating them in opposite directions to feel how much play was present before the clutch engaged and stopped me, but they both rotate in the same direction. I've been thinking about the dog tracking video since this afternoon and decided to double check the printout from my last alignment. My current meas
  3. Update. I pulled the diff out and there actually isn't much backlash at all (dial indicator coming tomorrow so I can get an exact reading) but there is definitely a good amount of play when I rotate the stub shafts in opposing directions. It's maybe a 1mm but it translates to what feels like way more play when I rotate the wheels in opposing directions. I can't find a spec on wether there should be any free play in the actual LSD unit, but I went ahead and ordered the OSG and I'll see if that has any play. If it's identical I'll probably send it back but if there is no play in the OSG unit I'l
  4. Hey All, So I drained the oil this am and got the rear cover opened up. The oil was VERY dark, but no shavings or particulate and nothing on the magnetic plug. I have a dial indicator coming tomorrow, but just did a quick test in the meantime. With the car up on jacks, when I rotate one wheel it will turn roughly 3-4mm before the other wheel starts to move in the opposite direction, so there is certainly some play but everything turns smoothly. When I rotate the driveshaft there is slightly less play (maybe 2-3mm) but still noticeable. Is the play primarily a result of backlash or
  5. Thanks for the replies. The tires are definitely the same size. The half shafts have new U-joints so there shouldn't be any play there, but I'm considering CV's at some point anyways just to tighten things up further. The car is street driven (street-thrashed, really) but not raced, autocrossed, etc so I was hoping I could get away with running the R180 but maybe not. I'm happy with the ratio on the STI diff, so if I stick with the r180 I'll snag the sti unit instead of the datsun one. Looks like finding a 3.9 in an r200 could be tough. I assumed that since STI's put down close to rebello powe
  6. Resurrecting this thread because I'm desperate for answers. I have a 1972 240z with a Rebello 3.0L & Borg-Warner 5-speed from a 280zx turbo and the 04-05 sti CLSD. For the past few months I've been trying to diagnose an issue thats driving me insane. When I abruptly crack the throttle (in any gear, but much more noticeable at highway speeds or in corners) rear suspension becomes upset and the rear end of the car essentially jumps/hops out to the right an inch or two. When I say jumps, I don't mean like wheel hop but more like the rear of the car just abruptly wiggles out to t
  7. I was thinking it looks more like an "Edna".
  8. You mean the pilot bushing? It’s still in the end of the crank so that’s out unfortunately. Was my first thought also.
  9. It was also bone dry and had no trace of any lubricant or oil on it.
  10. Hey All, I'm doing some drivetrain work on my '72 240 and found this machined spacer sitting on the transmission jack and can't figure out what it is. Specifically, I had an oil leak from the rear main cap side seals which caused the clutch to get oiled and slip, so I pulled the tranny, clutch, flywheel, oil pan & rear main cap. It's possible this came off something else from an earlier project and just fell on the transmission jack, but I feel like I would have heard it rattling around when I carried the jack out of the basement. It also doesn't seem to be a part
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