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  1. Why not just weld on a piece of steel like everyone else does? Keep it simple.
  2. They mount on the top of the rear shock towers. You should see a couple threaded holes on the plate on top.
  3. No, that frame rail is absolutely not too far gone to repair, and those of us on the east coast would consider that to be pretty minor rust. The car is probably overpriced though unless it's otherwise mint condition. Based on your location I'd be surprised if the car has really serious rust issues hiding beneath the paint, though there may be more rust than you can immediately see.
  4. Yeah I've noticed that too, so it's not you. Also here, and also on classiczcars, the new posts feed only shows in expanded form, and not condensed, must have been some sort of update.
  5. Z Car Garage also offers a smaller brake kit that fits 15s.
  6. You need to be a donating member, minimum donation is $20. https://forums.hybridz.org/donate/
  7. The bolster looks different than the E21 Recaros. Looks like a Recaro LS.
  8. If no cage or reinforcement, consider that the 280Z chassis is a little stiffer.
  9. In your position, I'd do the Subaru LSD swap instead, should be more straight forward, and you get a limited slip, and weight gain won't be an issue.
  10. Did he drive it in the winter too and keep it outside? Goddamn that's a lot of rust.
  11. Yup, good move. That car wasn't worth fixing, if it was even fixable by a non-professional. I have a car in far better shape than that one, and I expect I'll cut it up eventually. The new shell looks much better.
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