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  1. My understanding is that removing the liners ruins the flow of the head since the ports end up being too big.
  2. I imagine there's some additional security measures that could be put in place in the account creation process. Classiczcars, which has the same software, doesn't have this problem.
  3. Seems like HybridZ has had the bare minimum to run for a while now. The healthiest forums I'm on all have active admins that are proactive in keeping the forum running and improving, and on top of any issues. That is not the case for this forum, and one other I'm on, and both have been suffering. I would definitely like to see more active admin on here.
  4. Those are all spammers, and can be banned.
  5. What's the color? Looks great!
  6. Why not just move to the increasingly popular Ford 8.8 set up? Seems like that'd be the easiest and most appropriate solution for you.
  7. That area is reinforced compared to the 240z. If you look on the other side of the panel you should see that it's made of some pretty thick steel with some reinforcement, and tied into the subframe, which also has reinforcements to hold the bumper shocks. The 240z has just a pretty simple bracket welded to the rear subframe. Your early 260Z might be slightly different from my 280Z but I doubt it.
  8. I would say a week + 10 posts, and see how that works. I think banning new members from posting links could also help.
  9. Z Car Garage makes a great bolt in solution that appears to be able to handle plenty of power, much more than what you're planning. Expensive, but totally bolt in. The super 8.8 setup basically requires that you change your entire rear end, and if you're putting big brakes, 5 lug, etc. in the rear, then you kind of have to do the front now too. Lots of scope creep, vs simply dropping in the ZCG axles and being done.
  10. I'm assuming that head was for an NA build, doesn't removing the liners ruin the flow of the head? I have an N47 with liners removed, I was under the assumption it was junk based on research, and was planning to replace it with the N42 I have... eventually.
  11. They're offering it in three types, A, B, and C. From what I can gather from the PDF, A comes bare, B and C come with a choice of valve guides and valve seats. http://www.pams-japan.com/30cafe/project.php
  12. Yeah I've been following that. Pretty impressive project, it's basically the ultimate N42 head. And it'll only cost you about $5500 to $6800 depending which of the three types you go for. Unrealistic for most of us unfortunately, but for those looking for big power, might be worth it.
  13. Doesn't look that bad. Why not clean it up and reuse it?
  14. Alright, like title says I'm looking to see if anyone has a copy of this video from years ago, pre-2010. It was a video of a Z doing a quarter mile run, it was a burnt orange color, had ZG flares, and bronze or dark gray 6 or 7 spoke modern wheels. I think it was recorded in Japan. It ran something like a low 10, was powered by, IIRC, an L28 stroker turbo that was clearly making a lot of power, and what I assume was a sequential, but maybe it was a dog box, I'm not sure. It was hosted on google videos so I suspect it's gone from the internet unless someone saved it. Long shot, but maybe someone has it.
  15. That's better, looks like you've got a solid starting point.
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