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  1. rturbo 930

    Z Car weights

    Mike's car was a '76, and I believe it was something in the 2700lb range, not quite 2800+. Still really heavy. I have both a '76 chassis, and an early '71 chassis. I'm hoping to be able to weigh them both as a bare chassis to get an idea of how much extra metal there is in the later chassis. But first I need to put some metal back into the '76 chassis. I'm also hoping to remove the 5mph bumper supports and see what difference that makes, I expect that's probably around 30lbs of metal there if I had to take a guess. My '76 chassis also has undercoating, so I'm debating stripping all of that off first, although I don't really want to, but for an accurate comparison it should probably be done.
  2. rturbo 930

    Luxury Daily restomod 280z Questions, Help?!

    You could maybe do it with a tremendous amount of time and money, basically what you want is a brand new car that looks old. You want your car to be something it's not. And you're clearly limited by budget, so the solution here is for you to find a newer car, and deal with the fact that it doesn't look like a Z. In order to achieve what you want, I think you're basically looking at cutting out the entire bottom of the chassis and swapping another car (or tube frame) in underneath it, and to be honest I find builds like that to be pointless. If you want something with suspension from X car, just buy that car and be done with it. Only makes sense if you really, really like building things - and know what you're doing.
  3. rturbo 930

    JDM Legends paint colour

    I put in quite a bit of effort trying to figure out what color it was, and I'm fairly certain it's Aston Martin Cobalt Blue.
  4. That's V3, not SN005. Jeffer is referring to the guy with the red Z above.
  5. rturbo 930

    My Datsun 241jz project car!

    Looks nice! Looks like you put poly bushings on your TC rods, might want to rethink that. Do some research and you'll see that people have had the TC rod snap with poly bushings installed there.
  6. rturbo 930

    frame rails

    Why not just buy a radiator that will fit?
  7. 280zforce is long gone.
  8. rturbo 930

    New to forum

    Nice cars! Welcome.
  9. rturbo 930

    280z LS1/T56/8.8

    I believe that spoiler is the sparrow tail spoiler that was offered by ZCCJDM.
  10. rturbo 930

    New 240z owner from Texas :)

    Looks like a nice car. I'm with you on the color, I'd keep it.
  11. Sounds great! Yeah, it does sound like an L series still somehow, that was my first thought as well. Cool that it's in a car that's a driver and not a garage queen too.
  12. He put it in his dash, but I wouldn't say it looks integrated. Looks terrible, honestly.
  13. If this is going to be a street car, you may want to rethink a full cage, there's a number of posts on here on why a full cage in a street car is dangerous. 74_5.0L_Z built a cage without a pillar/roof bars when he rebuilt his Z with a tube frame, and would be a good example of how to stiffen and reinforce the car without the issues of a full cage.