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  1. No you can't, you would have to grind about 10mm on one side of the calliper gap, your grind would end to be assymetric because it is currently centered for the solid disc, you would also need extremely thin brake pad on this same side to do this, , so a normal pad on one side and . You should better sell those callipers and buy the proper one, it's the simplest solution. Or if you really want to modify these callipers, you could split the calliper in two and add a custom made spacer in between the two parts of the calliper to get the right gap for the disc.
  2. So to summarize, the gap for: 'vented' S12+8 calliper is 23mm 'solid' S12+8 calliper is 15mm and mine are 20mm -> What's the problem with mine? I suppose they machined it too much during rebuild. Is this possible? What do you think? Could there be a third version of this calliper?
  3. I found my answer on this thread from viczcar: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php?topic=9932.0 The width for vented rotor should be 23mm so It means I received the wrong callipers. I'll have to ask the seller for the good ones.
  4. Hi, I've been inspired by this thread to improve the front brakes of my 240z. I bought rebuilt toyota S12+8 calliper that are supposed to be for the toyota 20mm thick vented rotors (it's the toyota ref 47750-60021 for 1981 to 1989 J6 landcruiser). I think I may have received the wrong type of calliper from the seller because the width between the two parts of the calliper is 20mm, and I can't fit the 22mm thick vented rotor in it. Here is a picture of the width I am talking about in case I am not clear (it's not the picture of the actual calliper but one taken from post#6).
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