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  1. Yes very nice car. About the 123. The power is not enough for our engines with triples. After adding a hi-6 CDI and power coil. The car behaves nicely. no more start problems when hot for example.
  2. The good news is the 240 does not think... No electronics just electrical. So no problem with Led's except the flasher reley needs to be one for led.
  3. It's just to bad, none of the available solutions have a long first gear. I'm using the FS5C71A and love the 2.957 ratio. Until now it holds my 273bhp but I will probably also need a stronger gearbox in the future. Hopefully something will come up once...
  4. Could be oil burning as well. If it's a lot of oil it looks like white with a little hint of blue.
  5. Wrong bolts (to small) between the driveshaft and hub could also clunk under load.
  6. To bad ou didn't paint it original blue.
  7. With his cam, 9 is a possible vacuum figure. I have 13 with a 480 lift 290 duration cam.
  8. Silverado22c's xr700 manual page 18
  9. Those jenvey's look nice indeed. Still hoping someone will install once the heritages with feedback.
  10. Looks a bit like mine. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/102748-build-after-24-years/page/1/
  11. Take a voltmeter and start to look for feeding wires and the volt they have. Should be the same as you measure at the battery. If it's not the same fellow the cable and measure every connection until you find the loss. Use a wire plan you can find here on the forum.
  12. Take one apart to look at the others when you have troubles. There are not many parts.. . To me it looks you have everything needed.
  13. Check if all are the same type. Open them and clean everything and while you are on it write everything down you have in there. Helping will be easier when you know what jets and tubes are installed.
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