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  1. wam8827

    Parts needed for a 1978 Datsun 280z

    I have a 77 280z that I'm currently parting out. Have everything you need, but it will need shipped. PM'd you.
  2. Well finally got some free time to post what I've got going on. So finally got the Z running and driving under it's own power. Discovered timing on the pump shaft was off quite a bit. So got it re-timed now it's running/driving pretty good. However it's running extremely rich. Discovered the AFM I had from the Z was previously messed with on the adjustments. Ended up finding a AFM from a 91 Corolla that bolted in, and the connector plugged in perfect. It seemed to run a bit better after installing this AFM and help with the richness. I've primed the fuel supply/return line and got so much crud and nasty fuel that came out. Changed out the fuel filter, changed oil cause it looked and smelled like it was half gas. Still in the process of working out the kinks. Replaced the plugs since they were unreal fouled from how rich it was running. Tested the coolant temp sensor, ended up being bad so I replaced that as well. Tried the 1k linear pot fix that I found on atlanticz, still no fix. If you get on it pretty hard you can literally see the fuel gauge drop, it's pretty crazy haha.
  3. Well I forgot to snap some pics earlier today, but I did some looking of the wires, terminals and etc from the responded posts! They did help quite a bit, but when I went looking through the harness it seems that a lot of the harness seems newer and redone. However I did find out that my TPS sensor is temperamental and probably bad. I unhooked all of the coolant sensor wires, the cold start injector, and the other plug that's pretty much underneath the CSinjector. Also unplugged the TPS and boy did she run a hell of a lot better. Actually made it around a few blocks and got got above 45mph on the little stretch of open road. My ultimate goal is to get this running decent enough so I can drive it where I need to for the remaining of body work and etc. If I didn't care about the body work, I'd just start ripping everything out for my 2J swap. Thanks again for the replies and help!
  4. Well had a little bit of progression with the Z. I'll have to update you with pics and some other wires I can't seem to locate. Got the Z running, but she's running real choppy at the moment. Put in a new fuel pump, hardwired it to the battery with a switch for now it kept wanting to start but just wouldn't give. Held the AFM flap open with an extension and she started up, but real real sloppy. Finally unplugged 2 sets of wires, and boom she started idling what seemed pretty steady. Under throttle load it had quite the hesitation though. Plugged the wires I un-hooked back in and she died. Needless to say it will start up, idle and rev to 2k before the hesitation starts and the AFM starts popping and sputtering. Will snap some pics tomorrow morning of whats going on.
  5. That plug doesn't have any blue. It'd black/yellow, green/yellow, and white/yellow. The blue wire you see is coming off another part of the harness. I will snap better pics later today to be more clear. As for the FSM, I've read over and over for this type of plug with the wires, didn't see anything... Unless I'm just blind?
  6. Would've never thought to look in emissions, I appreciate the lead! I will have more questions and pics for which I'm having issues with. I don't know why, for the love of god why the PO would take out the efi and go to a carb setup. I was told the PO said the efi felt gunked up and wasn't working correctly, so he ripped out all efi and went to a more expensive carb setup and then it didn't even run that great so he ended up selling all of it. So I'm working with a half cut/tore apart harness that I'm trying to piece back together while trying to figure everything out. I'll check out the emissions and etc, and report back in a few days with the other questions I have. Thanks again!
  7. Edited with pics of the one plug for now. Thanks!
  8. So I acquired a 76 280z with the stock drive train. It was missing the fuel injection system (Intake Manifold, MAF, and etc). I bought a donor motor/trans, that came with full harness, maf, ignition coil, transistor module, and basically everything I needed. Got most of everything installed but having some issues with some wire/plug identification. I've searched and looked at so many damn wire diagrams and for the life of me I can't figure out which plug/wires these are. So any help would be greatly appreciated! The stock drive train won't be in for long, but I'd surely like to get it back on the road running on its own power! Edit: won't let me upload pic from mobile. Will post pic from laptop when I get to the house. But the plug is a 3 prong (green/yellow, yellow/white, and black and yellow. The connector it was to had 3 wires also (yellow, white, and red; this wire had a bullet point connector on it) Edit: pics!
  9. wam8827

    New from Midwest (Iowa)

    Hey there! Just thought I'd make this new member thread since I've been reading on it quite a bit. Anyway I have a 76 280z with a l28. The drive train won't be in there much longer, but you get the idea! Edit: Here's a few pics of the Z I have on hand!