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  1. lizardexit

    280Z Rough Idle/Sputter

    Quick update. AAR appears to be working, still cleaned it out some. Also found out I have no vacuum leaks which is shocking to me. I will be adjusting valve lash Saturday.
  2. lizardexit

    280Z Rough Idle/Sputter

    Nevermind. Found it in the fuel injection bible. I'll take a look at that tommorow. That would make a ton of sense though. Idle stays pretty constant hot or cold. If anything, it creeps up when the car warms up.
  3. lizardexit

    280Z Rough Idle/Sputter

    I'll check on that. That would make a lot of sense if it isn't opening. It does not like to start cold. Usually have to give it a decent amount of gas to get it going. Is that tied into the thermotime switch at all? Or does it operate independently on a cold start? I'm not at all convinced my thermotime switch/cold start valve are working at all, but I have not gotten around to checking them.
  4. lizardexit

    280Z Rough Idle/Sputter

    Car is new to me. Picked it up in May non-running from Virginia. It had been sitting for roughly 9 months. Replaced basically the whole fuel system and half the brake system. New fluids, battery, and some wiring got it on the road. I'm still sorting out the kinks before it becomes reliable transportation. This one issue has been the hardest to solve so far. Well, besides the reverse lights the refused to work properly. I will be checking/adjusting valve lash this weekend.
  5. lizardexit

    280Z Rough Idle/Sputter

    Unfortunately I had a mechanic check the timing, as I do not have a timing light. So no idea if the advance is working, but I was told timing was right at spec. Would issues with the advance cause a rich condition off throttle? The timing advance housing is rusty, no idea how it looks internally. As for fuel system, it is right around 36-37 PSI (brand new regulator, injectors, pump, and rubber lines). I will pick up some feeler gauges this week to check valve lash.
  6. lizardexit

    New user in Rochester NY

    Hi there! I picked up a '76 280Z 2+2 in May. Shipped it non running from Virginia. Replaced the entire fuel system, most of the brake system, and got her running and on the road, picture attached. Eventual plan is to drop an LS3 and T56 in there to create a hill climb car. But that is a few years off. Right now, I am just starting to get my hands dirty as this is my first project car. So far she has been great to drive! Anyway, picture attached!
  7. lizardexit

    280Z Rough Idle/Sputter

    So I have a 76 280Z 2+2 with a rough idle when cold. It also doesn't really like starting from cold. Have to give it gas to get it going. Once it heats up it is fine. But here is the kicker, on cold idle it seems to suck air up the tail pipe, which stops when it warms up. I held a lighter up to the tailpipe and watched the flame go up the tail pipe. It also smells like it is running rich, with a glorious off throttle backfire and some black smoke. Timing is good, fuel system has been pretty much completely replaced, compression was also checked, all 6 cylinders right around 135-150, not great but decent. I am wondering if it could be a valve lash issue? Not sure what else to check.