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  1. That is the reason I have the VQ30 maxima headers, mount the turbo on the passenger side with the pipes run how I wanted. Just make a custom Ypipe to place the turbo where you want. But with the datsun sold I am trying to sell the motor and everything.
  2. Wel guys the project is off. I had to sell the datsun and now I am tryin to sell the motor and all the parts I had to go with it. if anyone is interested send me a message and I will get back to you.
  3. that thing looked goofy in the original ebay ad. anyone who has fake NACA ducts all over a car really doesnt know what they are doing.
  4. I would get some resin and glass, and take ome time with foam moulding it to fit better and glass the repair up as well as the modifications it make it fit better.
  5. I looked and all the brake pictures I saw had the MM hubs in them. But I do have a question, do you have like a template or drawing of the caliper adapters you made? I have he same plans for brakes on my datsun and that would help me out a great deal.
  6. I think the gun that "looks" loaded is a PKC, which means it feeds from the right side instead of the left. So yes the rounds are backwards, but sitting on top of the gun, not loaded. I don't know about you hoov, but I hate having to carry a 249, they are heavy buggers with ammo.
  7. Its not loaded, the ammo is sitting across the feed tray cover facing the wrong way. And a 240B in the right hands is accurate, but unmounted, with unknown ammo, and no training it aint gonna hit the broad side of a barn. Besides that the bolt is to the rear on the 240B and they didn't run the charging handle forward, its gonna break something. And I highly doubt it is even clean enough to not jam.
  8. I got one of their GTC-300 wings, got it for $600 shipped by finding one with a slight chip it got in shipping and the owner did not want it on a show car with the chip. That twin element one looks pretty good.
  9. I say find a daily driver that will not be a project. A project is a money pit, and the will suck more thanyou expect. A newer car is better to start with, especially when you have plans to mod a Z.
  10. The widebody is ugly, way too angular for a Z. The paint took skill, but doesnt look right on the Z.
  11. From my experience even on a daily driver you want some sidewall. suspension can only do so much, tires have to be able to take up some small imperfections on the road. I know it isnt a datsun but my ranger has 285/30r20s and you can really feel the ride quality diference. It is alot more harsh and small bumps are transmittied to the suspension which is too stiff to soak it up, resulting in a rougher ride with more chassis upset. I personally would want a 35-40series tire at the shortest after my experience. for ride compliance, and handling.
  12. It looks interesting but fairly complicated to set up correctly. Also seems overly complicated. I would want to see it on an actual car before looking into it as a viable option. You say it was tested on an expedition, where are the pics of that?
  13. I am in the army. Currently deployed working outside of my MOS. but my MOS is 13R fire finder radar operator. Dont ask how it works as I have not touched it in almost 4 years.
  14. Come join me in Kurdistan, its alot nicer up here than down south. Pretty boring though, but we can go out into town without body armor so its nice. Take care of yourself, nows the time to learn all you can about Zs.
  15. I like lots of cars. and motorcycles. My daily driver is an 03 ranger thats dropped on 20s with cobra brakes. I will be building a 71 240Z when I get back to the US and I have a 1947 willys jeep. No motorcycle right now. But nissan/datsun wise I prefer the s30 looks.
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