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  1. Sorry for the multiple posts but I have only had small chunks of time to post everything. The stock trans mount works with the engine and adapter plate. Also the adapter plate may need some modification to gain ground clearance. More when I get another chance to work on it Cheers
  2. Got my trans adapter from Collins had to clean out some threads on it and cut out one of the mounting holes off for another trans. Wouldn't clear the starter. Had to clearance the bellhousing..... not very good, after mock up I will return to clean this up. For even more space I had to clearance the starter as well. Hopefully this doesn't effect the structural strength that's suppprting the starter gear After this attempt I found out that the oil pan has to come off in order to install.
  3. Well I have finally started, I own a 1994 Z32 manual and convertible. I decided to do the VK56 swap solly on the whim that I haven't found very many people doing it. My hopes: - VK56 swap -Manual trans rebuilt -Stand alone engine management - Possible turbo setup after installation - and all kinds of other modifications, money and skills pending. Of course all and any feed back is appreciated. I know some people are delving into this as I speak, a few of them on here even. Cheers,
  4. Has anyone used the Collins adapter to a Z32 trans? Any issues?
  5. Sounds great. What did you end up doing to increase power if at all? Pistons, rods, porting and compression increase? Also that exhaust sounds really nice, is it stainless?
  6. What engine management are you using NOT? Also I am surprised as to the amount of people that are coming out the wood work. I guess its pretty up and coming for an engine, (in public swap use) and Isn't the rotating assembly already forged in these? I thought I read that in the white sheet? Also I was along the same thought process as you Honda, boost later but awesome NA for now. I was considering doing an intake style like the Z32 for the VK. Something like markrolstons on here. Not sure how to hyperlink, as it says I'm new here. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/79649-progress-on-my-insane-vq35hr-240z-project/page-21 I see it does it for you.....
  7. I am not certain but I do believe that swap kit was not for a Z32, please correct me if you know more because this would be of great assistance. I noticed brickhouse was building a custom fly wheel but that would also be spaced for their custom adapter plate as well. Been a little while since I was on their website, but I did not see a way to purchase these two items from them. I am curious however, how much that custom flywheel would be? I also would prefer not to have to stack the flexplate and flywheel, but could be a good temp solution. Edit, will megasquirt run the VVT?
  8. Amazing attention to detail. Love the body work and the effort to maintain such a civilized car!
  9. Hey I happened to notice you are trying this vk swap as well. I am about the same stage as you, have my motor and the car but still trying to find as much information as possible about anyone who has done this yet. My motors a little older (2005) so no VVT. Not sure it's going to change anything but it was pretty cheap at the time. I was thinking of doing the z32 tranny as well but did was not sure of the adapter situation for that tranny. Sounds like you have it all hammered out though. There is a website called Neos garage and he's fairly dedicated to the VK, he's also got a low clearance dry sump pan for these engines which could give us a chance of maybe fitting this motor under the hood. I was also going to go the route of making a custom intake to add more clearance, performanceVH has a set of billet aluminum intake runners that I think would be a great starting point. Good to hear the clutch and flywheel aren't too big of a problem to get through, I assumed keeping the starter was going to be harder than that as I hadn't come across the information that you just attach it to the stock flex plate. Initial measurements are showing this going to be a tight fit, but I think for the performance that can be had from these engines it's going to be worth it.
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