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  1. 510sr20det


    I need both side front struts for 240z 2" dia for MY car . do not need springs, hats or inners, just bare struts. call Mack @ 951-704-4142
  2. windshields are available new for a very fair price. our last one was $230 installed.
  3. 510sr20det

    280zx 1982 NA exhaust manifold needed

    what shape and price?? can you send pictures?? got several that we cracked or warped badly.
  4. 510sr20det

    280zx 1982 NA exhaust manifold needed

    EGR smog tube on the back of the back and 02 sensor on front center, trying for an actual smog able car.
  5. 510sr20det

    280Z 1981-1983 EGR TUBE

    got one thanks everyone for the help.
  6. Still looking for a good 79-83 L28 non-turbo exhaust manifold. Need to be in very good shape no cracks or warped #1 and #6 runners. Will to pay a fair price. Mack 951-704-414two or sales@mckinneymotorsports.com
  7. 510sr20det

    280Z 1981-1983 EGR TUBE

    NEED a EGR tube so we can get a customers car to pass smog. If we can not get it passed may have to scrap it or send out of state. Has owned car since new wants to keep it. NA car. Mack @ McKinney Motorsports
  8. 510sr20det

    McKinney Engine & Gearbox Mount Alignment Issues?

    trans crossmember for 1973 (late ) to 74 , 75, 76-78 style crossmember. there are several different sizes based on year and if floor pan has cat spacing.
  9. 510sr20det

    McKinney Engine & Gearbox Mount Alignment Issues?

    0n late 1973 and later the stock body bracket must be cut out to provide clearance for the trans. see attached pictures.
  10. 510sr20det

    RB26dett transmission HELP! & 32 vs 33 engine

    Call us we will try to help you.. Mack @McKinney Motorsports 951-304-9300 leave MSG if we can not answer.
  11. 510sr20det

    Autometer Tach using MSD GMR Pickup #8918

    note 2 says single cylinder operation
  12. I need an exhaust manifold for a 1982 L28 NA motor with down pipe if possible, just flange ok.. Mack 951-704 414two
  13. I need a stock 280z exhaust manifold and down pipe. so the car will pass smog. Must be in good shape. call me at 951-304-930zero or cell 951-704-414two
  14. 510sr20det

    Midnight Madness 560z...

    any progress