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  1. I just installed a set of Vogtland springs, and they lowered the car an even 2". Its a little lower than i would have liked, but its alright. But i am concerned about the amount of travel it took away from the suspension. It looks like there is only about an inch left of travel before bottoming out. Is this normal?
  2. My search for a good car ended up being pretty quick. I wanted a car that had a flawless interior, very little rust, but really did not worry too much about the condition of the engine or transmission because those are being upgraded soon. I lucked out and found a decent candidate, it was recently restored by an old navy guy but he wanted to let it go so he could fund a new corvette. It had very little rust, from what i could tell, the interior was in acceptable shape and the best part, It Ran! The only noticeable things wrong with it were some major dents in the frame rails from clueless mech
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