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  1. the reverse switch location is slightly different. the 4spd switch location is located on the left spot(this one was retapped on the right and relocated for 5spd, sorry for the confusion i cant find a better pic) and this is the 5spd switch location (its on the right, notice the left flat spot is un tapped)
  2. I could use the 5spd bell housing, willing to ship just that?
  3. Hey man! I'm local, could I come by some time to check it out and see what I may want? please email me at nenhenry@gmail.com
  4. that is just.. like really.. Man, I hate you. That orangey interior is just mmm Haha, really though. Good luck with the sale, it looks like it's worth every penny!
  5. woooo, favorite photos I've taken this year
  6. thanks guys The front and rear wheels are sportmax 002's, I got the set for 200 bucks so they'll be there until I'm ballin enough for something nicer like 15x9/10 wats or hayashis here's a link to my s12's build thread http://www.club-s12.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=18344
  7. Hey everyone, new s30 owner and I'm having a good time here so far. I've been lurking here awhile and I suppose I should introduce myself sometime or another. OHHEYTHERE. This'll be my second project, and the differences in difficulty and commitment seem to be worlds apart but that's exactly what I'm aiming for. I recently decided to build the car I figured I would be sometime or later in my life, that of course being an s30. I've been into, and heavily influenced by the 240sx scene since I'm surrounded by it, and my first project car was an s12 200sx turbo. So I suppose in theory I should be able to provide a little bit of content on the board. Love the technical info here, it's like night and day compared to the board I previously spent time on (club-s12.org, haha) Anyway, here's my s12 and s30 ka24de,s13 stuff everywhere, if anyone's curious I have a build thread that spans over the 2 years that I spent on it And the Z when I first got it, 63k original miles, super minty interior with uncracked dash but salvaged title I haven't done too much yet, just making it look a little better until the full break down this summer. new parts, banged out fender and some minor rust removal
  8. The 200sx turbo's r200 4.11 never had a finned diff cover, I have two of them in my garage. Though I suppose someone could just as easily grabbed a finned cover from a z31's diff
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