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  1. It's in Bakersfield isn't it? It's always in Bakersfield....
  2. Z32's are out because of the year. There are a couple of Z33's but either super high on the mileage or a salvage title. The sky's and solstice's can be found in the price range and everything else, the biggest kicker is neither company is in business anymore which means LONG term reliability/parts availability could be a problem. There are some NC-Miata's that in the price range, mileage is a bit over where I'm looking. I don't know where the lack of reliability comments are coming from, they've been touted as some of the most reliable cars on the road. Gutless in comparison to the Z, yeah more than likely unless I find a Mazdaspeed version. Thanks again!
  3. I'll keep my out for an S2000 just in case. I'm not too hopeful for them, but I know they are great cars. Thanks all! Much appreciated.
  4. 240SX's are nice, but out of the date range and fall way into the "rice" category (with a few exceptions). Zeeboost - Those are the complaints I've heard about older BMW's, expensive to maintain and questionable reliability. The Crossfires have pretty bad reviews for quality.
  5. Great feedback so far guys. I agree the S2000 crossed my mind multiple times, but again its typically fanboyed out over my price range. The FRS has been compared a lot to having 240z inspiration, but that's a new car, new payment, and out of price range. (though quite nice) RX's in general great cars for what they can do. A used rotary worries me (logically or not it just does) TT's are definitely little piggies & kinda girly, but I figured I would throw it out there. I have not considered an MR2 yet, might have to research one of those a little. Older than 2000 just isn't an option really, couldn't sell the wife on it. I know for a fact that I will never truly be able to get the 240z feeling, especially with my current setup. It's a blast to drive, but it's gotta go. Thanks so far for the advice!!
  6. Thanks daddydonuts, I am 6'1" that sounds like a big problem.
  7. I've seen a couple of nice Crossfires in the price range and the look nice. From what I've seen / expect though is that they have a high maintenance cost, but I haven't found anything conclusive.
  8. 350Z's are nice, they just seem to have a stupid amount of mileage for my price range.
  9. Okay, so I'm in the process of selling my 72 240z (CL ad: http://bakersfield.craigslist.org/cto/3799631465.html ). I've had a blast driving it, but I need something newer, more reliable, and with AC. I've been going through the options for replacement cars. Something that isn't bloated and handles/feels most like a z. Good/cheap aftermarket support is a plus too! So far I've looked (online only so far) at: Subaru WRX's Acura RSX's BMW Z3's Audi TT's BMW M3's Chrysler Crossfires Mazda RX-8 Mazda Miata's My constraints are this: 2000 or newer (only exception is something with under 50k miles) Manual Transmission Leather interior preferred Cheap Maintenance +20 MPG Under 70k MANDATORY RWD Preferred $10k MAX Right now if I can find a 2006 or newer Miata MX-5 I would be all over it. One like this: The Miata's in general seem to be the best option on paper. I'm trying to avoid a ricer style car. Does anyone recommend anything else?
  10. The motor was about $1500 ish. The reason I went N/A is I wanted something completely different for engine swaps. I have never ever ran across another 240z with an Autech SR20DE.
  11. BluDestiny - I haven't really confirmed. It was installed by Vildini Motorsports. It just stopped cranking today, verified the battery was good, might be the starter after only a couple of weeks of driving it really kind of irks me to have a failure so fast. 78ztlye 17x9 with a 5" offset. (could be wrong, I got mine a LONG long time ago)
  12. So I've put roughly 1k miles on my Autech SR20DE swap and figured I'd share my MPG results so far. With me still learning stick (need to replace the shifter bushing) and occasionally putting my foot in it I've been averaging: 27-MPG Combined 30-MPG All freeway 24-25-MPG in the city I don't know what the car weighs yet, but I'm quite pleased with the results!! Just need to ditch the spoiler now
  13. Just checking to see if anyone in or near the Bakersfield area would be up for a meet this Sunday April 14th? We've got a couple of people from the Ratsun community coming, just checking to see if there are any Hybridz'ers that want to join up.
  14. I haven't posted in Hybridz in a long time. Things change personally and publicly. This forum has changed, its gone through revisions, layout changes, and the like. I don't frequent here much anymore because my obsession for knowledge has slowed with the slowing of my z-car. I have a couple of suggestions, since most of these problems have been around since the beginning: Create a wiki for Hybridz. It can serve as our "FSM" (not to hard to setup, can be a great place to send people who are new) Quality content doesn't get drowned out in the noise. Put time restraints for new members and limit them to certain Topics. (1-week only can post to Non-tech, from there only xyz, etc.) Yeah it may put some people off from coming back, but it will keep a lot of rift raft out. Improve search functionality. Back before the site overall the search function was decent. But it needs touching up. Include a "Welcome Pack" on sign up. This could automatically direct them to a wiki, FAQ page, etc. Heavily promote the Terms of Service of Hybridz. We are on your playground, make sure people know what is expected. Slip in a "What color was the cow?" type question to allow them to progress into the forums. Just my .02 Keep on trucking...er...z-ing...
  15. Here's mine, need to get a better video of it: Autech SR20DE first start up.
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