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  1. Hey dude just picked an LQ4. My 240 is finally getting some parts

  2. Mongo Where did you get the parts for this rear suspension! I've read the whole way through and this is a fascinating design to me that I'd like to try and replicate and alter a bit. I'd like to talk to you more about your design if you don't mind. Do you order from aerospace parts catalogs or something? I know you did the custom welding I was mainly meaning the bolts, nuts, eye bolts and such. I'd love to talk to you more about all this some time!
  3. How would a turbo help with your Emissions at all? The turbo motors were all in newer cars with more stringent emission regulations. They also take more fuel and make more exhaust the turbo only helps with noise a little bit I think. That's why I thank goodness for being out in the boonies! I don't have to worry about emissions nonsense lol. ~J
  4. Gollum, This.... This is gold my friend! OMFNG! I think I can work this out now! I'm not trying to crack 300hp/300lbs/tq I'm looking between 200-275 of either at first. I have to build the rest of the car to handle it lol. I've got some rust and some spots that need reinforcing so I've got to take care of that before I go putting serious power down. I don't want my car to rip apart or something lol. I've seen some bad things happen with high powered motors and I'm trying to be as (relatively) safe as possible. Besides its my baby why nuke it! This Fuel system issue is the first thing I need to get sorted out. I'm going to start the car and everything outside the vehicle and make sure all is well before it goes in. That's the plan at any rate. I still need to get my Fuel rail (or make one) and figure out some odds and ends. Does the 300ZX Fuel pump put out higher pressure than the 280Z? Intuition tells me yes. Like I said I have the whole car pretty much. Just verbalizing ideas. Might as well swap the whole damn tank while I'm at it if I were to go that route. Don't know Right now I'm having to fix my DD Yoter truck so the Z is once again on the active back burner. lol Collating data is key at this point I need to read up more on this ROMing process and get back with what i find out. ~J
  5. Most Def! I'm not wanting to do DOuble work or Pay double money for this. I just have basically all the stuff, a whole Z31 that I have stripped worth of parts sitting here thats why I was thinking this. Tune-ability was my next topic of discussion. I need to have the abilty to fine tune all the settings for optiumal performance at my altitude and with the crappy gas out here. Would I be Better off selling all the Z31 stuff I have and going MS or what? I've been trying to sell my guts for years and haven't gotten much response even here on HBZ. That's why I was thinking about using it. Not because of the benefits necessarily mainly out of necessity and the convenience that its there lol. I'm just trying to be safe and effective with all this. Hense why were talking I know someone else es going to hit [sEARCH] with this and hopefully they get some ideas or what not. ~J
  6. Well I guess I need a Turbo ZX Dizzy Than HELP!!! lol. I was thinking about going DIS maybe a ford or GM stock something but I might as well get the whole damn ecu at that rate and there not tuned for a Z..... grrr..... I need to cut my hair and get a better job already! ~J
  7. You Sir! I need to pick your brain a spell! I have the VG30DE Distributor, is there anyway to modify the shaft to fit the L28? Or would I be better off just getting a new distributor? I'm using the Afshin as a reference now and thus far. I just need to hook this thing up on the stand and see if it will fly. Still need about $200 for my intercooler, piping, oil lines yadda yadda yadda and still have to sort out my cooling system and such. The Joys of conversions! I Should also have 2 O2 Sensors yours saying than right? 1 for the Ecu and 1 for the AFR Gauge? I'm having to do all my plumbing and welding myself (me and family) anyways so I don't Mind I just need to know lol ~J
  8. well my injectors I have Currently are just the normal turbo 260cc'ers they don't flow that much more and there still barb so I'm not too far of the rez there. I have a Wideband o2 I want to hook in for my A/F gauge Can I splice into that for signal to the Z31 ECU or do I need two 02 sensors, one for the ECU and the Other for the Wideband? I've never done this before which is why I ask. I was thinking about using Just the Wideband for simplicitys sake. Mainly I want an ECU I can make to function with a Laptop for tuning purposes. The most Applicable and recommended for that is MegaSquirt, I just don't have $400+ dollars to throw down on the whole set up. Mainly I'm trying to recycle parts I have from a 87 Z31 NA Auto that I have being stripped in my front yard. I'm thinking of recycling the Radiator, Ecu, AFM, Front Spindles, Maybe the shocks and shock mounts, steering rack, rear end differential, rear spindles and LCA's, basically the whole rear end. I just have all these modern parts and I'm seeing what I can salvage and what I'm better off pitching. I need to take Pictures and I'll get on that soon, but for now I need OGZ Wisdom on this. Its been over 2 years since my S30 went down and After getting my feet wet at the Drag-strip in my truck I'm Fiendin For some Z Goodness!!!! ~J edit: I just found out that all the N/A's of 87 had an R200 open diff... So I guess there's no reason to bother with it if I already have an R200 in my 77 S30... or is there? Thats Another Thread....BACK TO ECU!
  9. Hey HBZer's I have a question here thats a little wierd but hopefully or maybe this turns into a write up at some point. I know the whole "Rape SEARCH till you find what you need deal" and I've been doing that for several weeks but I'm wondering if anyone specifically has any experience with taking the whole Engine Management system from the VG30DE and used it on a L28E-T? I have the MAF, the Injectors and clips, the Throttle body pretty much the whole engine harness. I'm debating not using the stock Z31 Spark system be cause the car I removed this all from had spark issues I was thinking about just using it for fuel management essentially I know there are Megasquirt and other options that would run both spark and fuel simultaneously but right now I'm working on a $0 Dollar budget and i'm just trying to get rolling again really. The modification for the engine are as follows: N42 Block, Stock boring and stroke as far as I can tell Dished Forged Pistons (PO rebuilt the motor I guess) Port Polished head (not sure how much I took out but they're nice and "Psuedo-Hemi-spherical" combustion chamber) CX Racing TD04 T3/T4 .60 Trim Turbine 38mm Wastegate T3-T3 External Wastegate Adapter Still working on some other details but Basically I have a whole 87 NA Z31 that I have to strip all the guts off and sell so Now i have a bunch of other parts to potentially swap onto my Z Just trying to see what All i can "Frankenstein" from the new Z to help modernize the classic! So to break it all back down, I just need a fuel management system for this thing. Could I swap that Z31 ECU one the L28? I have the old L28 ECU but who really wants to deal with that right? ~J
  10. The pan on my motor now is the center sump and the turbo pan i bought is a rear sump. In theory i should be able to use it I just need the rear sump oil pickup tube if anyone has a spare laying around they can send my way. If not I just do what you said and punch the 1/2" hole and put the fitting in? Welding it would be the surest plan it seems like. Its an iron/steel/ferrous pan right so I can arc weld on it yes? Just checking Anyways thanks for the good Advise I'll see about what I can do about getting this together. Still waiting for my Turbine spacer but it should be awesome! I'm excited! ~J
  11. So regardless right now I have to punch a hole in my Pan unless i'm able to get the Turbo pan installed somehow? hm... interesting situation.. Can you weld on the pan? It seems to be ferrous if I'm not mistaken.
  12. The whole shape of the pan itself is different. maybe i'm trippin or something I'll take some pictures in the morning but it didn't bolt up right an the sump was at the wrong side I think. As far as feed lines are concerned I have some lines my friend had specifically for this turbo, Not sure whether to feed it from the Oil Pressure sending units plug or get one of those sandwich adapters I was talking about. I know the feed has to be over the pan and the drain has to be at or below the feed line at least. Thats why I was asking what would be the most efficient and cost effective solution to this problem? I figured welding the bung on might be best or threading my own pipe on the back i'm just looking for other solutions people have done in the past. I'll get those pictures up tomorrow so you'll know what I mean. Anyways guys thanks again an keep those ideas coming! ~J
  13. Hey there HBZ! I have a question for you gu-ru's of Turbo Z-dom! I'm converting my Stock N47/N42 L28E to a L28E+T and I've gotten almost all my P's and Q's squared away but now i'm to the last if not the greatest problem in the swap. How to deal with the oil for the turbine! My neighbor who's a crazy Diesel runnin redneck of-doom-and-terror said i should just get one of those sandwich spacers and run my oil in and out that way and there should be plenty of oil pressure for it to work out just fine. I'm suspect of this because I don't want my engine frying up and dying right away and be stuck dead in the water again, so here's what I propose. I bought a F54 oil pan with the drain tube on it but it doesn't fit my N42 bottom end AT ALL. If i follow this train of logic I must than punch a hole in my oil pan and weld in a new bung than route in that way yes? I'm looking for other options that are on the cheap side cause I'm broke and my goal is to be operational and ready to preform by June 25th when there's a drift competition out here and want to take the old skool goodness in and give them hell! So I guess i just need to heard some options and ideas that you guys may have. I know there are a few diff options but I think oiling systems haven't been beaten to death enough here so here we go again! So what have you guys done to get around this? External oil pump put after the turbo? Welding in your own bung? use the sandwich mount and just route it back in that way? I need Ideas and I know you guys have some of the best! Thanks ~J
  14. Is Hunting Parts, getting the final research done for the Turbo Swap/Rebuild

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