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  1. Would you ever consider selling your rocker arm suspension design as a blueprint for me to fabricate for my car?



  2. As you may know, diesel fuel works pretty well as a heavy degreaser. The trouble with it is the odor sticks around for quite a long time. does anyone have any experience using Biodiesel as an alternative? Thanks
  3. I cant see where you have checked your pinion- trans, drive shaft angles. this could cause your problem.
  4. Good to hear. My t56 is hard to shift at high RPM and I think this may be the solution.
  5. Is anyone running face plated synchros in there gearbox? How are they working out?
  6. did you seal the sides of the main cap?
  7. The engine and transmission are offset approximately 1" to the right to maintain proper alignment with the differential.
  8. I did it . I had to cut holes in the steering column support bracket and thread it through the dash. The radio, heater, and defroster worked fine, but the center vent was inoperable. This issue is probably correctable. Mongo
  9. Not to worry' she is being resurrected with a new body donated by RT and BRAAP.. New additions include scatter shield, fuel injection, and MS&S.
  10. I did this mod using a Honda sized battery. I built a small steel box that fit, cut out the necessary section of the storage compartment, and welded it in. worked just fine. see my build thread for pics. Mongo's Z-Car Build - S30 Series - 240z, 260z, 280z - HybridZ
  11. Yes, as long as it is a 36-1 trigger wheel. I used a EDIS8 setup with a megajolt controller. worked just fine and the spark curve was programmable. My new setup will use MS&S .
  12. Hey Grumpy, been a while since I've been here. My question is this...... I just scored a 400, 4 bolt main, 511 block . It is standard bore and may very well clean up with a good hone job. It was purchased from Somers racing engines and he said it was the straightest factory block he has seen. If this is built properly, what kind of boost levels do you think it could withstand running a banks Twin turbo kit. Problems with ring seal due to thin casting? power levels?Head gaskets? Thanks, Mongo510
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