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  1. Turned out to be the forward clutch spring retainer had come apart, lost forward clutch and springs ruined several frictions. i have a jakes 1000+hp kit in the transmission. main problem now is getting the torque converter at the correct stall. bought a Revmax converter, first impressions are not good at the moment. Was supposed to be 4K stall, sent them specs on the car to get the stall correct, but it was stalling past 6800RPM. they are restalling the converter and should have it back in time to get out to the track this Friday.
  2. The car weighs 2300 with driver, firewall is in the stock location, still has the vin actually. ran flat sheet straight down directly under the wiper cowl. I original built the frame our of 3x3 tube steel in the front, used a mustang 2 IFS. For drag racing caster helps keep the car stable, Promods run around 10degree so I used the same angle. I built the a arms out of 1" chromoly tube and set zero camber, mounted the springs where they wouldn't hit anything and called it good. essentially I just winged it and it works well.
  3. That was my though, finding some sort of check valve, I’ll have to look into it. Or as you said run a loop with the hose.
  4. It is strictly a drag car, I would defiantly be concerned about that fuel tank if It was to be driven on the street. I wasn’t aware it leaked fuel until I looked at the picture, something ill have to take care of.
  5. Dan, I don't mind sharing any measurments. I am actually changing plans on this build and will be going full tube frame similar to pro stock car. Building a larger engine now so I will be doing away with a lot of the parts I have on it. I will be cutting out the floor frame and all, I don't know if any one would be interested in buying it?? It would essentially be a rolling frame Mustang 2 ifs and Ford 8.8 with 4 link and afco shocks. It would be sweet to see some use what I have built. If not it will be parted out and frame will go to scrap.
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