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  1. For the Gen 2 Omar's is better looking IMO.
  2. https://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=results/category_id=337/mode=cat/cat337.htm One option
  3. Nice! I love those simple classy controllers. If I didn't have my heart set on climate control I would for sure use that one.
  4. Make sure that the noises you are hearing are loose joints. Datsun wasn't concerned much about NVH at the time. If you remember when we were driving in you car I asked about the rear end noise you could hear on the highway, that has as bit of a clunk if you stand in and out of the throttle. The car has I direct connection engine to trans to duff to hub. Each of the gearsets has a bit of backlash and it can stack up. Worn U-joints can certainly add to that.
  5. I don't usually pry on things to check the joints. If you can see the joints rock the car back and forth in gear or jack it up and rock the wheel,car in gear park brake off. Look for movement between the cross and cup. As for CVS, @1969honda and I have a design semi solidified. We'll be using the extremely popular and common 930 CV. I just bought a CNC lathe to buld a lot of the custom pieces that may be necessary. So, that might be a good option too.
  6. If you are back down here anytime soon we can change them in my press in like 30 minutes.
  7. U-joints are super cheap like $10 ea. Pretty easy to swap. If/when you upgrade go CV/Rezappa joints for sure. I would just replace what's there if they need it and later go CV.
  8. OK so my OCD kicked in LOL. Jeep JK Unlimited - inside and out with 4, tailgate, doors no top ~ 204 (204/10 gallons = 20.4sq ft to the gallon) 240Z - inside and out 2 doors, hatch, roof & hood. ~ 147 (147/20.4 = 7.2 gallons) So educated guess the Z would need 7.2 gallons of SC/Ceramic Lizardskin combined to get the same deadening. I layed it down pretty thick on that Jeep. I think you are headed in the right direction with the Dynamat. Any news on the paint?
  9. That original deadening is pretty nasty. How much Lizardskin did you put on? You've got me rethinking my car on soundproofing. My JK is really nice but it has a fair amount of both sound control and the ceramic Lizardskin to the tune of about 10 gallons inside and out. I assume you are talking about the tinny/rattling sound when the doors close vs a Mercedes "thunk"?
  10. What about using a spare storage compartment door from one on the parts cars? I'm sure I have one if you need it.
  11. Here is the jacket my son did. Yes my office chair is the driver's seat from my 240Z.
  12. My son does this stuff. He made me a Datsun jacket for a gift a year ago or so. I'll post up a pic when I get a chance. If we can get the artwork the rest would be easy to do. @Zetsaz and @1969honda are here close and might be up for helping out with the project if that helps out. Forum is great would be good to help out.
  13. Those Z vapor canisters are a mess - though it is more all the fuel hoses that get hard/cracked and don't seal rather than the heavy steel tank. I think I am going to make mine more of the modern style vapor catch setup, possibly even integrate the purge solenoid.
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