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  1. Galleries are back online!

  2. I started a live stream on @YouTube: https://t.co/apZtjBEMgp

  3. Join me and Avi @powerbipro 9/28 10AM PST for a webinar on #PowerBI Modeling Best Practices for Business Users https://t.co/YRLXK7vvdY

  4. Definitely need a larger ice chest and @ozziesterling gets fresh tuna sushi tommorrow! https://t.co/qGHscI1ZIb

  5. @Kjonge @SusieBentley @MSPowerBI Sandy or Jessica should have contacted you. Let me find out Monday when i am back in the office

  6. @MicrosoftFlow Have temporarily disabled comments on the #MicrosoftFlow Blog...but will be enabling them ASAP #thanksforyoupatience

  7. Teary farewell to the New York #powerbiworldtour https://t.co/VHuRClBUKU

  8. @scottsewell Made it!!! Now getting dinner #virgilsbbq https://t.co/lkISpzi0Uh

  9. Getting Started with Azure Analysis Services Webinar Sept 21 https://t.co/Kq8IslEp7q #Automated

  10. @SQLDusty Finally we meet in person!!

  11. RT @guavaq: There is now a #PowerBI VM for #PowerBI Report Server in Azure https://t.co/DAPnMdOQg1 via @cmfinlan

  12. RT @Rad_Reza: #Difinity 2018 @DifinityConf started. Reserve your seat before early bird sold out. #PowerBI #Analytics #SQLServer https://t.…

  13. @Eno1978 @kimmanis ....and a bunch of the line charts!

  14. Power BI Desktop Update - September 2017: https://t.co/6C5CKMj49X via @YouTube

  15. Flow of the Week: Turning Forms surveys into insights with Flow and Power BI https://t.co/oLpWJ7iK7a #Automated

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