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    I'm trying to change all email settings over to davisbmw1@aol.com When I go to email & password under profile settings, it says this address "already exists", yet all correspondences are still coming to me at the original ldavis@flowauto. Help! I'm new to this stuff! Thanks

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  1. Hi Rockford, replying to your post regarding your search for a nice GTO replica. I’m unfamiliar with this site and having trouble reaching out to you. My email isldavis@flowauto.com or davisbmw1@aol.com. Thanks
  2. YESSSS, That's all I wanted to do!!! Thanks a TON Boy from Oz!
  3. Isn't it irony that I have to rely on the guys that work in my carwash after I've had a lifetime of very successful business ventures! I'm ready to advertise the GTO. Are the Fiat/Ferrari lawyers still trying to make money with the premise that some poor unsuspecting sole might be duped into thinking they are really buying a 50M legendary Ferrari?
  4. I posted pics and specs of a 250 GTO on the Non Tech forum. Does anyone know how to post these on the 250 GTO Owners forum? Thanks....I'm new to this site and just about anything else that relates to the internet! Any input is appreciated Thanks!
  5. Sorry, I just don't get this car....
  6. Attached is a video of the GTO traveling to and driven on the VIR track Let me know if it doesn't play
  7. Attached is a video of the GTO traveling to and running some laps at VIR
  8. Got it! Thanks...now, I still can't get my email changed from office to home. When I went to my settings/email the second time attempting to get it changed again, it said my home email already exists, but I continue to get all correspondence on my original office email. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Hi Guys, I'm not sure I'm utilizing this site to it's fullest. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can better reach out to those members of HybridZ that may be interested in buying this GTO? I've never tried to publically advertise this car, but I may have to resort to other sites to get the word out. I'm not very internet savvy and could use some guidance. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lee
  10. I had submitted about 20 really lousy pictures taken with my iPhone. However, they were submitted to the Non Teck post. Can anyone guide me as to getting them sent/reposted on the General Topics and 250 GTO Owners post? I really don't want to have to find those pics again on my phone. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for your kind comments/suggestion. I'd like to reach out to the entire Hybird community, including the 250 GTO Owners Thread . I'm still struggling with my lack of internet savvy! My goal is to offer the car to a focused group, not a broad "blast" to the entire internet community. I just don't want to spend the next 6 months answering questions to a bunch of curiosity seekers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Starting at the front: -Brake cooling hoses to front brakes -Original style CIBI? driving lights -Heavy duty radiator -Maserati Air horns -Electric cooling fan -Koni shocks -3.1 liter displacement -diesel crank -Balanced and blueprinted -Overbore pistons -Free flow headers -Early model head, ported and polished -3/4 race cam -3 dual throat Webbers with velocity stacks -5 speed close ratio gearbox -Battery relocated to rear -Functional side vents -Hood pins and scoops -Modified cowling with fresh air
  13. As you can see, I really neeed some good pro shots...these were just random ones I have made with my iphone. Please contact me with questions. Thanks, Lee
  14. Here's a few really lousy shots I took in the garage with my iphone of the exterior. More to follow of interior and engine. Let me know how they turned out.
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