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  1. Trust me I have searched. Im not looking to get a kit. Making mounting brackets and such isnt the problem. what I am trying to do is order a generic radiator from summit but I am not sure the correct size to make it. i found the dimensions of the jci kit but how does it fit with the intake in the car. Is the intake run to the side of the radiator and out the firewall?
  2. I have a 240z with an lq4. what size Radiator are you guys running. Any input on this subject would be helpful. Not sure if I want it to be larger than the opening or how thick it should be. Keep in mind that i intend on adding a turbo to this motor evetually so i need something that will keep this motor cool for high hp applications but will give me room for a turbo.
  3. The wheels are stock cobra r wheels with 10.5x17 rears and 9x17 fronts with 24mm offset. The rear subframe is now fitted and after a meeting with the local z club i should be able to align this properly and get this thing really rolling. I havent decided how the front is gonna be but I want to a flare or sort of widebody. Im gonna wait untill i can see the car together and running to decide.
  4. ^my front wheels ^ comparason of stock, rears and fronts ^the rear tires compared to the stock rears ^ what will keep the tire within the body V
  5. I have been on this board for a little over a year so i thought it was tome to start my own build thread. Last spring i purchased the shell of Clive's (evil c) old Evil Z. Its a 73 240z. The car will receive a lq4-t56 combo that will eventually have a turbo and the body is getting an imsa wide body. Last summer i repaired all of the rust on the front, Fully seam welded the front clip, installed new sub frame connectors and undercoated the front clip. Also every suspension component i am reusing was taken down to bare metal and painted. since the fall i haven't had too much time to work on it due to my last year of college but ive started work again. Last weekend I got the front end rolling freeing up some jack stands and started getting the rear quarters ready for the massive tires and 300zx rear subframe. Here is a collection of the progress so far. \
  6. gorgeous i cant wait to see it with the flares and going again
  7. Any difference in the r230 for an automatic and a manual?
  8. j hot import VG30(DETT) 1989 cz32 manual jdm stock number 15454 From those specifications it should be an r230 but I'm not sure about the jdm models. Can anyone confirm this by looking at it?
  9. I have a 73 240z and i am looking into doing a rear suspension swap. Anyone know what the width from wheel mounting to wheel mounting surface of a s13 240sx and a z32 are and a 240z are? Is this the track width? I couldn't really find anything about it.
  10. Pretty much decided right now on the setup. I am going to use an r200 built up, modern motorsport axle stubs and hubs to convert to 5 lug. mustang cobra wheels, 300zx front brakes and ill make a set up for some small wilwood brakes for the rear. My only question right now is where to get axles from for an r200 to a 280z spline axle stub in a 240z. where can i get the "four bolt (outboard) CV half shafts that snap into the R200"
  11. Don't worry i have literally spent the last 2 days searching and am still a little unsure on this. I have a 73 240z that's getting a turbo lq4 (6L iron block ls1) and will be running upwards of 650+ whp. My plan is to use a built r200 and do a 5 lug conversion. Is it worth it to get the billet 280z axle stubs from modern motorsport or should i just have the stock ones redrilled and use the stock 240 axle stubs? Is there much of a benefit of using the 280z 27 spline axle shafts that cant be corrected by buying a good set of halfshafts like moser? Also where can i get axles like this to convert to a r200? Forgive me if this is common knowledge im a little new here.
  12. Those are great i love the manifolds. Dont quit your day job.
  13. Car looks good clay but I'm not looking for 2+2. Good luck with it.
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