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  1. My end goal is around 350hp street build with a manual transmission. I have read all the post about a Muncie m20 and was left wondering if it would make a good transmission choice for a 350 swap. Or would it be better going with a wc T5 transmission and hope it doesn't break? I don't want to go with a t56 because of the cost but I am worried that the wc T5 would not handle the power. Is there another manual transmission I should be looking at instead?
  2. I have a simple question. Is the crankshaft from an NA 1976 Datsun l28e the same as a crankshaft from a turbo Datsun 1981 l28et? If not what are the differences?
  3. I have a simple question. Is the crankshaft from an NA 1976 Datsun l28e the same as a crankshaft from a turbo Datsun 1981 l28et? If not what are the differences?
  4. Update: I GOT IT RUNNING!!!!! I put some oil in to the cylinders that unsiezed the motor and allowed it to start. It smoked for a bit which is to be expected. Just need to play with the timing to get it to ideal. Thank you all for the help!
  5. I had the battery tested it was fine and it was charging over night so it was fully charged. I know its also not the battery because if it was i could still be able to turn over the motor with a socket on the crank pulley. No fluids came out of the spark plugs.
  6. Sorry I should have clarified. Install the oil pump correctly while my motor is a TDC to set the timing properly. I have not had the oil pan off. I did change the oil and it looked decent but that does not mean that the screen is not getting plugged.
  7. Update: I got the motor to run for about 5 seconds but it died. I used 536241 for the plugs on my distributor cap. Ill pull the oil pump sometime this weekend and install it correctly. After the motor started it seized up and did not want to crank. I took a 27 mm socket to the crank pulley but it did not want to move at all. I unplugged all of the spark plugs and was able to un-seize the motor with the spark plugs out. I tried to start it again, it ran for a few seconds then died and seized up. Any ideas? a video of it running for a few seconds before it died:
  8. Update: I got brand new spark plugs in and tried to run the motor with some starting fluid. The motor still did not start. I checked the plugs right after and they were dry. I also clean all the connections to all the seniors. I followed the steps in the FSM to check the air temperate senior and it was not able to get a reading with the multi meter. I did the same thing with the cylinder head temp sensor and was not able to get a omhs reading either (I checked from the plugs to the ECU and from the actual seniors themselves). The Throttle valve switch checked out just fine. I have not be able
  9. Motor: I have a 1976 datsun 280z I just swapped in a l28et motor. The swapped motor was from junkyard 1980 280zx automatic that has not ran in all most a year. I am using the stock s130 ECU. Fuel: I am using the stock fuel pump from the 1976 280z and just got brand new 310 CC injectors. The injectors are pulsing and I am getting good fuel pressure. Spark: I am getting good spark I replaced the plugs, dizzy cap, rotor and coil. Timing: The motor cranks and makes some pops but does not turn over. I have not touched the mechanical timing. I have the firing order correct (153624)
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