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  1. MrCheezle

    71 240z

    My 1971 Datsun 240z project car.
  2. When you said the top of State I thought you meant State St. in Boise lol.
  3. Hi Duffy, I'm down near the fairgrounds. Have you heard of any local active groups? I also don't know any good driving roads around here if you have any suggestions.
  4. I've been to that a few times and seen a bunch of nice cars but I'm pretty sure it's done for the year. I'm more looking for an actual group or club that goes for cruises/drives or events together.
  5. I've been out of the car scene for a while until I got my 240z this summer but I don't have any car friends lol. I moved out here a while back but all my car friends are back in my home town. I've been looking around Idaho but haven't really found much for Datsun or Z clubs that are active or I'm just not looking in the right places. I'm wondering if anyone either knows of or is part of a club or even a group of enthusiasts in the Boise area? It'd be great to find some people locally to cruise with, and talk about cars.
  6. I've been doing a few things. I had a fuel leak from the mechanical fuel pump so I decided to go with an electric K & N. I've also done some work on the front valance, put in a Magnaflow muffler (I'm not sure I'll stick with it), and made a cover for the spare tire area. Also, I don't know how to make the pics smaller...
  7. Hello all, I'm in search of two alignment guides that are missing from my 240z. Any help/leads on these is appreciated. The pic is not mine.
  8. I've been pleasantly surprised by the condition of the car with only a few rust spots that I've found so far. The goal is to do some road course or amateur racing and still drive to shows/events. The plan so far is to get the rust and interior floorboards looking nice this fall/winter and start getting all the little pieces I'm missing. I'll be going to 5 lug and disc brakes all around, all new suspension, roll cage, fuel cell, R200 LSD, eventually a wide body kit, and engine swap (probably LS swap for availability of parts but maybe a RB). There's tons of stuff that goes along with all the other of course. This is going to be a long term project but I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Hello everyone, I picked up a 1971 240z in Oregon for $650. I'm sure I should of looked closer but I was surprised to find that it already has headers, a 5 speed swap, and a K&N air filter. I had my eye on it for about half a year and was lucky enough to finally purchase it. I was told that it was running when it was parked and it was last registered in 08. I brought it home thanks to some help from friends and family and now sits comfortably in my garage. I started out by changing fluids, bleeding the brake lines (the brakes were nonexistent), drained the gas tank and put some fresh gas in, and cleaned the spark plugs. After picking up a new battery and getting the starter and alternator tested I was able to fire her up. There was quite a bit of backfiring through the carbs and exhaust but each time I started her up it got a lil better and after changing the plugs I rarely get any backfire. I've got a huge list of things to buy/fix and am looking forward to all the fun and bloody knuckles that await me. I'm getting it running good for the time being and hope to dig in this fall/winter to fix some of the rust and interior.
  10. Thanks for the help. I'm reminded just how rusty I am when it comes to this stuff. It turned out to be the starter solenoid and it's started now. I now have a problem with it backfiring through the carbs.
  11. Sorry, it's when the key is turned all the way where the starter should be spinning.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm having some issues with getting my 1971 240z started. I've changed fluids, cleaned spark plugs, and got a new battery. I've had the starter and the alternator checked and they are both good. I have power going to the voltage regulator when the key is on but all I get is a clicking sound from a relay that is inside the cab on the passenger side. The fuse box has power but has been modified from stock by the previous owner. I have a video at :54 is the relay clicking. Any help is appreciated. I can also take more vids of dash and engine wiring.
  13. I finally got my 71 240Z!

  14. Looking for a good deal on a S30

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