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  1. Tarheelz

    Interior lights gone

    It’s a 75 280z mostly stock. New fusible links when I did alternator.
  2. Hi there Im stumped on this one....So my interior lights were working fine, and after an alternator swap, none work - no map light, no gauges, nothing. Unnamed Z retailer sold me the wrong alternator that was internally regulated and I had to figure it out the hard way. Anyways the correct alt is now on but now interior lights out. I’m thinking something shorted?? Headlamps work. I’ve checked all the fuses and they’re all good. Any ideas?
  3. Tarheelz

    Cold air intake yes or no?

    Yes it’s the stock one. Ok no change then ! Thx!
  4. I had my N42 Head reworked - new cam grind, new springs and rockers and lashes, all from Rebello racking. It’s shaved 30k to increase compression. Also just bought new timing chain. Have new header and 2.5 exhaust from Mtrsprts. Stock PC, stock injectors, running stock AFM and intake. Will an air intake help boost hp or not? Oh this is a 75 280z.