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  1. Thought i'd chip in as i'm a fellow UK 280z owner. Firstly for your insurance question. Unfortunately you have a few things working against you, firstly it is a left hand drive car which puts up the price (slightly), secondly it is a classic stored outside which insurers know can be targeted because they are easy to steal and thirdly at 24 years old you don't qualify for classic car insurance (25 normally). That being said try adrian flux and with a clean driving record and a low crime area you may be able to get a quote under 1000. On the issue of security please if its being stored outside at a minimum buy a steering wheel clamp but ideally install a proper immobiliser (can be a tad tricky). As for the bushing you are planning to install you may have serious issues removing spindle pins to get to them. Mine wouldn't come out with a blow torch and a 50 ton hydraulic press and eventually they had to be machined out which was expensive and well beyond the capabilites of most people. Please google this. Parts can also be very difficult to get as the car was never sold here. Luckily the aftermarket is big in america but shipping can be a nightmare in both time and money. Thezstore once quoted me 380 dollars shipping on a 180 dollar air dam... If you need anything from thezstore (which is MSA) then Mike Feeney at Eastern Autos is the Uk supplier. He does a shipment every couple months and its the cheapest way to get 280z specific parts i've found though ebay can be great for small items. Lastly and really the reason i wanted to chime in is that daily driving a datsun in british weather could be the end of the car, unfortunately not only do we have our notorious rain we also have terribly salty roads and they destroy datsuns like you wouldn't believe. The steel on these cars is very rust prone. I don't drive mine daily and it is kept in a garage. The only person i know that runs a daily s30 in the UK has had the entire car stripped, treated, painted and then coated and he still keeps it in a garage and towels down the underside if its been a rainy day. My point is if you are thinking long term you need to think about storage as a priority. You said you are saving for a house, look for one with a garage. Best of luck, it'll be good to see another on the road over here!