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  1. Thanks for the insight! I was having a hard time figuring it out, thank you very much! -Jim
  2. Looks cool! I'm currently looking to do a very similar rim setup (deep dish steel rims with wide tires) on my 280zx. I'm also thinking about 10 inch rims on the rear but I don't have the balls to go outside the fender lol. Do you think a ten inch rim with 5.5 inch backspacing would fit under the fender/not rub inside? Just thinking for the rears, I'll go smaller on the front as I'd like to be able to still turn the wheel lol! Thanks! -Jim
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here, but had to make an account as I'm dying to figure out why I keep seeing photos online of 280zx's with what appear to be stock bumpers without any "bumps" for lack of a better term. Almost all s130's (including mine, 1979 2 seater) seem to have two bumps on both the front and rear bumpers, however these few that don't (I think) look much better. I also think the rear bumper on these "flat" versions might be smaller (protrude less). I have a theory that this may have something to do with the cars being JDM/RHD/not North American models but I haven't found anything to back this up. If anyone has an explanation or a place where these bumpers (or similar) can be purchased I would love to hear! I have attached some photos that I've found on the internet of the "flat" examples. Thanks! - Jim
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