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  1. Thanks for the help, man. Exhaust system is freshly redone with a brand-new cat. The intake is a cold air intake style tube with a cone filter. The car has always been kept inside, in SoCal, there are no mouse nests or shot out aspects inherent to total neglect, nothing like that. Just sat for awhile until around last year, and since then I've been getting things back up to snuff especially now that the crazy man isn't upstairs calling the city and the cops on me every time I turn around. By "The balls it used to" I'm referring to when I rebuilt the top end and did some other work about ten years ago. When I first got it running again last year (replaced the clutch) it ran a bit rough in the high RMPs; new plugs and cap pretty much fixed that, but it doesn't pull as well as it once did into the high RPMs. I've found and fixed several vacuum leaks, and that has helped. There may be more of them, especially in the rubber elbow just before the throttle body- it has some cracking. I'll get to that soon. For now, I'm wondering about these injectors. Sorry to have left this out, but cyl #5 AND #6 injectors are silent, even when their respective leads are switched with cyl #4, whose native injector is clicking as it should. But when #5 or #6 injector's leads are disconnected, the engine's idle is noticeably rougher than with their leads in place. In other words, the injectors in cyl 5 &6 are silent under all circumstances, but are still contributing somehow to the engine running semi-properly. If it matters, the engine is F54 block with P79 head, metal head gasket (the MSA one, forget the mm at the moment) and Scheider cams, stage III I believe with modified valve train elements as well like springs and guides. Intake like I said, Headers, high flow cat and magnaflow exhaust. I might be a bit vague on the specifics, it's just been a long time and probably thousands of beers since I did the modifications, and I had a friend/ mechanic who honestly did a lot of the stuff that was over my head. Some things in my memory have been covered by the tides of time. I appreciate the help again, I'm really enjoying getting back into it, and this place is a huge help to me.
  2. I've recently been going through a 1982 NA coupe I've had for a long time just trying to get it as best I can. My crazy neighbor used to call the police on me all the time (dude was legit crazy) and he's gone now, so I can spend time in my garage again without the hassle so I've been enjoying myself. Anyway, I got a new dist cap and plugs, had some exhaust leaks fixed. It really helped but the car still doesn't have the balls it used to. I took as screwdriver and was listening to the injectors like folks have mentioned, just to see. Cyl 1-4 were clicking away like they should, but 5-6 were silent as the grave. I switched the leads between injector 4 and 6, same thing. I then disconnected injector 6, and the idle became noticeably rougher. In other words, injectors 5 and 6 are not making the sound the others are, but still seem to be playing a role in the engine running properly, or rather more properly than it does without them. So I'm kind of confused. Are they bad, or what? I'm certainly no expert, just doing my best with what I'm reading here. I've tried to search, but haven't found an answer I'd call definitive for my problem. Thanks, guys!
  3. Man, thanks a lot! That's quite something coming from you. A real beauty you're working on. I can't wait to see your work as the build progesses.
  4. I'll do that. Thanks a lot.
  5. Yeah, sorry about that. A pretty vague diagnosis. I'd like to thank you for helping me out with this, I appreciate it. The problem I'm having is a kind of vibration/ cavitation from the rear end while decelerating at moderate speeds. It's worse under load. Maybe it's the pinion bearing, I seem to remember that from another time it had an issue. The last time I had an issue with it, my living situation didn't permit me to perform the work myself. Now I have a place to do that. I know I could find answers to the specific questions by hunting around in the forums and like I said, I know you guys despise repeating yourselves and I get that. To be perfectly honest, I'm also not the best at using the site. I'm learning. Anyway, the diff problem has developed pretty recently, so for all I know, the gears are fine. The car is used almost exclusively for around town type easy peasy driving at this point. I know I'm going to have to do something about it soon, so I'd like to perform the mod. I don't want to be a kook on here or irritate you folks, so let me know if I'm using this wrong or whatever. It's just been difficult to find info on this subject as it relates to the S130.
  6. Hey, Chip. I just shot a call over to MFactory. I've been looking all over the place for an R200 LSD, it would figure the company's in my home town. They referred me to you because I have a few questions. For starters, this would be installed in an S130. I've been poking around on these forums for years and I know the other members don't like answering the same questions twice, but I'd really like any help I can get wrapping my head around what's required for this install. The car is a 1982 NA R200, stock and getting ready to take a big crap on me. Once I know what needs to happen, I'll buy one of these units for sure. Thank you and anyone else for your help. -Luke
  7. Hey, thanks! Man, I hope so. So tired of jumping through hoops smogging an almost 40 year old car with an engine designed in the 60s. That gets driven like 5K miles a year. Waste of time, really. When I got the car, it was to be exempt in 2012. Arnold screwed the pooch on that one. I'm praying this goes through.
  8. Hello, folks! Great looking Zs in here, wow!!! Anyway, I'm Luke. I bought this black 1982 from a family friend when I was in high school, mid 2000s. It was all stock. It's an NA 5 speed with some work done. It's been a great car. This is one of my first posts, but I've spent hours and hours over the past decade or so combing through here quietly getting information that I need. I appreciate this forum and the members. Definitely super helpful. I'm in the process of chasing down some wiring demons at the moment, so I'll be poking around in here.
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