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  1. My plugs always foul during long traffic jams and makes the engine run rough. What could be the cause?
  2. THis is really strange. In order to sort this out faster i decided to accomplish the following: 1. Purchase, gapped at .032 and install a new set of 6 NGK BP6ES spark plugs 2. Cleaned the distributor cap and rotor with deoxit d5. Once concluding the above steps, i cranked the engine and left it warming up with the choke lever pulled for 3 minutes, and drove the car. No more sputtering, coughing, misfire whatsoever. No more rough acceleration. What could have been the cause?? Do the plugs become useless if fouled? Is it normal for them to get fouled during traffic jams? My car has an airtex 8012sx fuel pump with no regulator as it just pushes 3 psi.
  3. I just have an airtex 8012sx pump installed at the back next to the gas tank. https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/atx-e8012s/overview/ This pump used to push 4.2psi before and now it only pushes 3 psi (maybe this is inmaterial as i am within the limits. Please confirm) My car is a 1972 240z which has been overbore making it a 2.6Liters. I also has a Schneider 274F camshaft and both 3 screws su carbs were remanufactured by Ztherapy on November 2014. Pertronix ignitor module with pertronix 1.5ohm flamethrower coil. Spark plugs were fouled when i returned home. Should i buy a new set of NGK BP6ES and start again? Gap them at .32?
  4. My 1972 240z is misfiring and coughing when cold. I have to drive it with the choke on for 15 mins and even after that it runs rough. My fuel pump psi is 3.2.
  5. My 240z is sputtering, coughing and misfiring during the first 15 minutes since cranked. Is this normal? I have to run it with the choke lever pulled until the temp reaches to half of the temp gauge. After that it runs rough. I have cleaned all the plugs to see if it solves the problem. Airtex 8012sx electric fuel pump is just pushing 3.2 psi. Coud this be the cause of the symptoms addressed?
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