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  1. Instead of adding fiberglass, maybe add a gasket (and metal strip)? You have added that part underneath the rear spoiler, so you've found a decently trustworthy way of attaching carbon to metal. Maybe that'd work.
  2. I get that it's probably too late now, but in case you ever change something about the lights, wouldn't 7" Motorcycle-headlights (think harley-aftermarket) work? Round, high beam, low beam, and indicators all in one unit (per side). Either way, I'll keep following this. Far from legally possible where I'm at, so it's even more fascinating.
  3. Did you swap the steering rack just for power steering or also for ratio? Because if it's the former, wouldn't an electric system have been easier? Also, if you're in the mountains now, keep an eye on the brake-temperatures downhill.
  4. I wonder what happened in the last 9 years, if the car is still around/being driven/carrying that engine.
  5. Just a quick paint-sketch: Using a filter of this shape.... ...placed about there, flat against the flange where you now attached the 90° angled-bit (or maybe a bit further forward). That takes one 90°-bend out of the route the air has to take, leading to a bit less turbulance in my understanding.
  6. Wouldn't it create better airflow to put a flat filter upright in front of the tubing where it passes the radiator, rather than a sharp 90°-bend? I'd imagine that that bend seriously messes with the airflow.
  7. I absolutely understand^^ Recently managed to make installing a roll bar in a convertible and adapting the carpet a 2+ day job 😕 Then again, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so that surely doesn't help. On a side-note, are you running both fans off a thermostat or do you use a manual switch for one or both? Max
  8. This got a little more excessive/extensive than I expected^^ I have to admit that I’ll not take my Z to the track or really plan on going crazy fast down the Autobahn (I believe a Z is more at home on twisty roads), so I don’t think a tiny bit more or less downforce will play too much of a role. Of course, in a sub-1-ton car with RWD and no traction control/ESP, it helps to get some sort of rear downforce. A big plus would be that, if I do go and use a racing fuel cell, putting the cap in the hatch would make the TÜV happy and not need me to run a pipe to a (plastic) window.
  9. That might be an idea, although it's a costly one 😐 I might have to do that already to get the wheels I want, since, for example, VOLK TE37V have Japanese certifications that have higher demands than the German stuff, but they don't do some salt-test which apparently can't be done on its own. So, unless I find someone saying something different, that'd be buying a wheel, and having it tested DESTRUCTIVELY. Currently my two favorite options are either that Skyline-Brake (but I'll wait and watch if the guy doing it gets it TÜVed), or Wilwoods all around. Which I've seen getting TÜV TWICE
  10. Any results? Did you finish the console? How does the result look?
  11. I honestly don’t know. They usually want to see them on cars though, and you can’t mount motorbike brakes on a car and get away with it. Doesn‘t really make sense, but it doesn’t have to. Same way OEM valved exhausts are legal but aftermarket ones (or even retro-fitting them) aren't. Max
  12. I’ll certainly keep an eye on that combination, I just want it to be a project with no cut corners, if I can get it approved. From the choices I have, the Toyota/ZX-combo is the “easy button”. Wilwoods might work stock, better chances with the option of adding those seals. (As in, talking to the TÜV I could say I can get them dust-sealed, raising my chances). As said above I also got a guy on a German forum who’s running Skyline brakes with a custom spacer (he’s on here too). I’ve NEVER seen something like a self made spacer for brakes being approved, but with m
  13. Did Palm-Composites go belly-up or why is their homepage and FB offline?
  14. Looks awesome! Don't you think that the carbon hood and I4 make the car a bit too light in the front? Does the VW-Tank fit unmodified? And what size wheels are you running to fit the big brakes (with/without spacers)? Max
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