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  1. oh and ignition timing right now is 19° at 1.2 bar 11.8 afr. Water meth is 330cc injector 50/50 and comes on at 160kpa. I think I'm going to add some ignition timing like 3 or 4. maybe the water meth is putting the fire out?
  2. Just want to give an update... I've redone the crank pulley setup. There's now a keyway with an ATI underdrive pulley with a DIY trigger wheel. I've also verified top dead center with a piston stop and it's really close... like within half a degree. I also put a Schneider turbo cam 460 lift 280 duration 270 on the exhaust on a 114. But it really still doesn't want to rev above 6K. I don't have to run near as much boost to get the same power... right now it makes more power than it's ever made... and I'm happy with the power. I just want it to Rev. Supposedly it should rev all the way out to 7400. which I find really hard to believe and even if it would go that far... I probably wouldn't take it that far... maybe 6800. if you if you want a good laugh watch this video... it's my old crank trigger setup. it lasted about 14yrs and went through many many junkyard Motors and headgaskets. But surprisingly with the failure it didn't break anything.https://youtube.com/shorts/QXOTKOhxGMU
  3. L28et not rev'ing past 4800 (like a wall) I have searched and can't find anything. I'm sure there's info on it though. I have a 71 240Z l28et megasquirt hx35 water meth 1.4bar low boost high boost is 2bar runs and drives great but only wants to rev to 4800. I recently put this engine together about 18,000 miles ago and it used to pull hard way past 5K (5500-5800 is where it would normally start to fall off at but I could push it to 6-6200) only thing that has changed is I've gone to sea level adjusted the tune accordingly 24 degrees of ignition timing 10.8 -11.2 afr (only thing I've changed is fuel). I've been going easy on it because I was driving it across the country and don't have a garage to work on it and was the first time Ive turned down the Boost from 2bar. Normally I don't rev it that high unless I'm racing or driving it hard (on track) and haven't really gotten on it really hard since before I drove it across the country... what I think is happening is my cam timing is advanced... while driving it across the country one morning I got up to start it to let it warm up and it backfired through the intake and idled backwards for a couple of seconds (sounded horrible). Quickly turned off the ignition checked everything and went to start it and it started and drove fine. That was about 2800 miles ago. Full Boost @ 3800 feels like it should be at 4500 or even higher. In order for me to check ignition timing on the crank I would have to put a dial indicator in cylinder 1 because there's no key way in the underdrive pulley. it's only been dialed in when the engine was first assembled for the offset to megasquirt. this is what makes my dilemma a little harder to check cam timing. I can't just pop up off the valve cover and check crank to cam timing. I may need to just go buy a dial indicator take off the valve cover and go from there and start turning the engine over. Anyway anybody else have this happened there engine... engine rotates backwards and the timing chain jumps on the cam? Ideas.. thoughts . Thank you for your time ahead of time and please go easy on me.
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