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  1. The T5 is smaller and lighter than the TKO, and there were some T5's rated 330ft-lbs that was put behind the Cobra motors. The World Class T5 is apparently more robust than the T45, regardless of the T45's torque ratings. The T56 is a six-speed. I've had a six-speed Mustang GT, and second gear is essentially useless unless you're trying to minimize your 0-60 time.
  2. No, but there is a bellhousing adapter that does allow for a T5.
  3. Thanks for posting! I've purchased a DOHC 4.6 out of a 2004 Lincoln Aviator (300 ft-lbs@3250RPM, 302Hp @ 5750RPM) for my project, along with the ECU. Basically all I want the ECU to do is control the fuel / ignition map and read whatever sensors it needs off the engine. I'm going to bolt a WC T-5 to it, so the automatic transmission controls go away. Pretty much everything from the firewall back I don't need. To accomplish this I just need an SCT tuner with a custom program? And, of course, an appropriately abbreviated wiring harness.
  4. I just recently joined the forum and have been finding it a treasure-trove of info. I realize I'm resurrecting an old thread, but I'm doing the research for a 4.6 installation in a ZX. Not planning on building a race car, but instead a really nice Grand Touring car with enough power to be fun, but not melt the tires every time I touch the throttle. I'm looking at using the 280-290Hp engine out of a Mk VIII. I'll have a BUNCH of questions as this goes on, but right now what I'd like to know and can't really tell from the photos is whether or not an A/C compressor fits along with everything else. I live in Arizona, where today the high temperature is supposed to be 112°F. If you want to drive in the summer here air conditioning is a must have. I'll have additional questions about ECUs and wiring harnesses for the conversion from automatic to manual, so on and so forth. Looking forward to spending more time here.
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