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  1. Okay and what about pantera hatch for this model ? Is it possible? If its where i can get it ?
  2. Okay And is there something similar to this body kit ? Or just casual flare fenders. For 280zx 2+2 ofc
  3. Hello ive got question about pandem kit. Does pandem kit for 240z fit in 280zx 2+2 with no problems? I heard that it fits in 280z but I don’t know about 280zx 2+2z
  4. Hello, im new here and was looking for racing/track suspension and chassis almost everywhere and didnt find it. So i have got a few questions. 1. Does 280z suspension and chassis fit into 280zx? 2. From what company can i buy suspension and chassis ? (In Europe if possible if not its ok) 3.Does 300zx brakes fit in 280zx? Datsun 280zx 2+2 1979 2.8l 5speed manual. Hope You guys will help me!
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