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  1. I tested my Air Flow Meter today..cleaned it , inspexted the flap and also my friends to compare.. same result on both AFM his also has No Resistance when testing 6 & 27. So i am getting the right resistance for the following terminals except for #6 & #27 which is the Air Temp Sensor.. Terminal 8 & 6 , Results - 199.8 Terminal 9 & 8 , Results - 114.2 Terminal 6 & 27 , Results - No Resistance
  2. Good morning! So yesterday.. I replaced the water temp sensor.. cleaned the bullet connectors.. i also test for continuity on all of the pins in the ecu.. i am not quite convince with my test ill probably redo it and document it and take a video. so when testing for continuity any type of reading means its good correct? i am getting some reading on the following.. TVS (full throttle) AFM ATS WTS Air Regulator Thermotime Switch Ground Circuits all good.. except for TVS at Idle switch .. am i suppose to get a continuity when in this position? i also tested.. Revolution trigger signal Power line circuit Cylinder #1-6 and all 12v+ I did a fuel pressure test.. with a brand new fuel pump and fuel filter.. i also dropped the tank and inspected if i have any rust above and the tank looks good just dusty.. i can hear the pump working and making a sound.. the ground and positive wires are in good conditionat the pump.. (although i want to track the wiring along inside of the car to check its not grounding out) when i performed the fuel pressure test.. i followed the step by step of the FSM by releasing pressure first by jumping the CSV.. then disconnecting the starter and ignition coil.. i uploaded to video here.. it looks like its reading 38psi.. and when i connected everything and with the car idling .. its at 32psi.. car idling.. and today 2/25.. on my way to work.. just about 10mins of driving .. the car died while in 5th gear in the FWY.. pulled over and kept on trying to start the car.. eventually the car started and drove fine got to the gym.. and on my way to work from gym.. about 5mins of driving the car died again.. after trying to start the car a couple of time.. started fine again and i got to work.. during lunch break i checked my spark plugs..
  3. its pretty crazy i am here sitting trying to think what is so specially about this “spot” i may be over thinking it but it is truly a coincidence that it dies at the same spot.. (2 days in a row around 6:10AM, 35-40 degrees outside) it is a flat straight paved road.. from the gym to this “spot” is about 2 miles and thats about 10mins of driving.. its odd because from home to gym is 9 miles and thats about 20-25mins with side street and some freeway.. and the car hasnt died on me.. not sure if its important to note.. but first thing in the morning at home.. after parking all night.. the car takes about 2-3 cranks before starting.. but after that drive from home to the gym .. i would work out for about an hour and drive to work.. the car starts right up with half a try .. but after a 10mins drive from the gym it dies.. thanks
  4. btw my 280z didnt come with a ballast resistor.. and its running the flamethrower 2 ignition coil.. last night 2/18 .. the car ran fine and got me home.. on the way home i put a bottle of HEET yellow bottle.. parked.. and drove fine again this morning 2/19 to the gym..  from the gym to my work the car died again at the same spot yesterday.. i was at a stop light and as soon as it turned green i went to first gear then second gear then the car died.. casually revving the engine .. since my tach is frozen im guessing i wasnt near close to 3k rpm ..  pulled over to the side.. started the car again and it started just fine and i just got to work ..    help pls..
  5. what is this filter for? it doesnt look oem.. also this is the condenser correct? where is it supposed to be connected to?
  6. will give that a try .. before i start replacing all of the gasket and filler caps etc..thanks
  7. hmmm .. it did rain.. last night and a little bit yesterday 🤔 where could the water leak into? filler cap? ive gone through maybe 5 full tanks of gas since ive owned this car.
  8. hello, so after cleaning the water temp sensor and replacing the fuel filter, ignition coil, distributor, sparkplugs, cap and rotor and sparkplug wires. i didnt have any problem since february 7th. this morning drove to the gym about 20minutes of driving then after my workout on my way to work while at 3rd gear cruising the car just died .. and while applying gas the car seems to be choking.. no sputtering or backfire.. pulled over and turned off the car .. started right away and i drove off no problem.. got to work and parked.. i didnt do anything to the car only thing was a full tank of 91 octane gas 2/17..
  9. NewZed, My fault I didnt mean to sound like I knew exactly what was going on.. more of just trying to brainstorm to see if there should be any other problem i should look into.. thank you for your time and i really appreciate the tips and advice .. thanks!
  10. i mean it was literally about 10-20secs when the car died until i made it to the side of the freeway.. so i doubt it cooled off that fast.. ill inspect all of the parts that you mentioned and go from there.. did a quick search and that matchbox is pretty expensive and not available in most Z parts stores online . can it be rebuilt/cleaned up? thanks!
  11. great write ups and websites! will definitely come in handy! thank you very much!
  12. Thank you! actually my tachometer never work it was not functioning prior to buying the car and havent got around fixing it. previous owner stated that it has been sitting for atleast 1-2 years and they never had time to do anything due to too many projects going on at the same time.. until they lost interest and needed space .. so yes the key was on .. because of car and wind noise not exactly sure if the engine died .. i wouldnt doubt it didnt.. but as soon as i pulled over i started the car right away and it started and it drove fine for another 20 mins and no problem.. i guess what im trying to say is that the car didnt really cool off so would that still point to the “match box” ? i check if i had spark from my ignition coil and yes i do.. i havent inspected my cap and rotors just yet..
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