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  1. Thanks, Ian, yeah it doesn't look like they are making dashes any more, they do have a hood though.
  2. Hello there! I am looking for a Carbon fiber dash and center console. I want the dash to be dry if possible, considering the glare of a wet CF dash would be bad and would want the center console to match it, if I get a CF console that is. I saw RetroSpec has one, but I didn't know if is any good: https://retrospec-datsun.blogspot.com/2017/07/retro-spec-240z-composite-dashboard.html Does anyone have any experience with it? Also, it is only for a 240z, does anyone know what it would take to put it in a 280z? Secondly, I don't really, want a CF center console, but the stock one will not do either! I saw that Skillard has a center console, and like how simple it is: https://skillard.com/products/280z-aluminum-center-console Has anyone had any experience with it? Also, its cup holder area is terrible and think something like this could easily be mounted up and work multiple times better since I do plan on taking long drives in this car: https://imgur.com/R4q9IyB If you have any other ideas or recommendations please let me know, Thanks!
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