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  1. dlumber

    VQ37 Swap

    Looking at dropping a VQ37 with the matching 6-speed in my 77 280 (MT). As far as equipping the vehicle to run properly (on just the stock motor) are there any other modifications that I need to make to the rear end? I am getting the driveshaft, and mounts already, just didn't know if I am potentially missing something. Yes, I've read all of Hoke's stuff too, so I'm fairly familiar with the VQ swaps.
  2. Super interested in this as well. Most specifically if it's electrically powered mirrors too! Such an awesome idea and design!
  3. Looks good! Doing the same thing on my 77 280. Same color actually! Very interested to see how this progresses!
  4. Still available? My wife is in SD.
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