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  1. What's the percentage range brake bias that is generally seen suitable for a s30? I've been thinking about making my own brake kit as well using ap racing 5200 calipers. I've seen that the usual Toyota and maxima upgrade combo results in around a 66% front bias which is too much.
  2. I have an sr swapped 75 280z. I'm in the process of wiring it right now and I decided to scrap my old wiring because it had already been spliced into multiple times by previous owners. To replace it I have a wiring specialties engine harness and a ez wiring 21 circuit harness. It works well for the most part but you do have to trim a lot of it down because they are intended for carbed cars. My only issue with it is that you must mount the fuse box on the drivers side if you dont want to have to lengthen any of the wires. This means running you're looms through the drivers side as opposed to the factory way of running through the passenger side.
  3. What size Watanabes are those? I want to run this brake setup but I really dont wanna ditch the Watanabes. Also how did this setup work for you?
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