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  1. I do not currently have one, i am looking at 240 shells because they are a tad lighter. I would love the ability to have it as that if needed, i have already been looking into how to add A/C and a few other things, it will definitely get some miles I'll be driving to meets and shows. Havent looked into suspension but ill be rebuilding that from the ground up, id rather not invade the trunk if I dont have to for a bar or anything but i might have to anyway for harnesses. Track day may be a thing. But i have a few vehicles and a commuter so. Mods
  2. I plan on tearing this thing down to nothing to get sandblasted and painted so if that helps.
  3. I see a few posts in here but I am looking for more specifics if anyone has any input or wants to try and convince me toward a direction go ahead but. I want to do a clean build (no junkyard shit) that I can take on road trips and whatnot, maybe on weekends and all that. I have heard horror stories of horrid MPG and being in the shitty state of CA id like to keep in the friendlier numbers of MPG. I am also not shy of HP so I was looking into RB26 swaps, Chevy V8, etc. Since I am a bit new am I going to run into shit with some setups, huge costs?
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