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  1. I need to pick up an RB25DET... I've google around, looked at various sites, and really only seem to be able to find bad reviews. I am in Texas, happy to pay shipping from anywhere in the USA... but this particular S30 build has been a struggle at every stage, and I'd really like the engine purchase to be something that goes through smoothly. The engine itself must run, but it doesn't actually have to be perfect, I am going to rebuild it long before it goes into my car.
  2. No idea, if I had gone with T3, I'd be driving this car by now... Instead it is still sitting on jack stands, almost a year after purchase of the parts. I'm actually thinking of selling the car and just buying a fun car instead, due to these parts being so hard to acquire.
  3. I wish I had seen this review before I made my purchase back in October of 2020. I still haven't received anything, and nobody is responding to my email or Facebook messages.
  4. I recently purchased this setup for my 280z from AE : https://www.apexengineered.com/store/p26/TRACK_ATTACK_-_Complete_Front_And_Rear_Kit.html I also ordered these with it : https://www.apexengineered.com/store/p56/370z_Dual_Caliper_Mount.html I'm waiting for them to arrive (They shipped already), and I'm looking at the caliper mount, and seeing that it specifically mentions that it is for the rear track attack... So does that mean I can run 370z brakes in the rear, but Not the front? Anybody else using the track attack kit that can give a
  5. I am in Austin, Texas - How much we talking for the diff? If its a price that works after I take shipping into consideration, then I am in!
  6. @Neverdone - I just got talking to them on the phone, and it turns out I just need the diff - still having trouble finding one!
  7. I am considering running this rear end conversion in my 280z : https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/280z/complete-r200-short-nose-r230-rear-end-conversion-z-car I talked to the helpful team over there, and it seems as though my best option is to run with a rear subframe from a Q45 from 1996 or earlier... But I can't seem to find one online anywhere, and the junk yards just don't seem to have any of them sitting around. Anybody know where I can track one down?
  8. Should already have an R200? Then why do t3 sell the conversion kit for them? Maybe I missed something?
  9. I'd like to run a VQ37VHR engine in my 78 280z. Here's my question, if I purchase the swap kit, and hook up the VQ37VHR engine, and the transmission that comes with it, is the R200 a viable diff? As long as I do the conversion for the diff swap first, will that set up work?
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