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  1. I am in Austin, Texas - How much we talking for the diff? If its a price that works after I take shipping into consideration, then I am in!
  2. @Neverdone - I just got talking to them on the phone, and it turns out I just need the diff - still having trouble finding one!
  3. I am considering running this rear end conversion in my 280z : https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/280z/complete-r200-short-nose-r230-rear-end-conversion-z-car I talked to the helpful team over there, and it seems as though my best option is to run with a rear subframe from a Q45 from 1996 or earlier... But I can't seem to find one online anywhere, and the junk yards just don't seem to have any of them sitting around. Anybody know where I can track one down?
  4. Should already have an R200? Then why do t3 sell the conversion kit for them? Maybe I missed something?
  5. I'd like to run a VQ37VHR engine in my 78 280z. Here's my question, if I purchase the swap kit, and hook up the VQ37VHR engine, and the transmission that comes with it, is the R200 a viable diff? As long as I do the conversion for the diff swap first, will that set up work?
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